What to do if PowerPoint plugin is not appearing?

  • 19 November 2020
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Hi! I had installed slido for PPT and it was working perfectly, then I was collaborating on a PPT w/ a colleague, and their version of PPT is different than mine… so after they had edited the slides, the slido plugin no longer worked.  I have un-installed and re-installed it 4+ times, and I still can’t get the plug in to show up in PPT again. Any ideas? 

6 replies

After a day of my IT team trying to figure it out we had to uninstall and reinstall Microsoft Office. Of course in the middle the internet cut out so I was left for hours without the ability to even work offline, so it was a very frustrating experience. Once we reinstalled it started working again.

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Hello @YaelS,

Would you mind reporting this to our support team via e-mail 

Also please here is a short guide showing how you can report an issue and send logs for your powerpoint  to our team. 

It can help us to investigate the issue quicker.

I also have this issue and nothing I do or the IT person does is managing to bring it back

Hi! Thanks for the follow up! Please let us know how it went for you. 

You may also check if the app is active under: File - Options - Add-ins 

It should look like this:


Hi Martin! Thanks so much for replying! The green slido box used to show up in PPT, but ever since a colleague updated the PPT, the green slido box is gone... and even w/ re-install I can’t get it to show up in PPT again. I am contacting our IT security team bc am wondering if something changed in our system and the plug-in was blocked. Fingers crossed!


Thanks for contacting us with this and sorry for the trouble.

Just to check: can you see Slido for PowerPoint in your PowerPoint Home menu? It should appear as a green circle with an S, on the right hand side, as shown below: