How to load/find a survey in Webex that I created in

  • 29 November 2022
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I created a poll/survey in a few weeks ago. Now I want to load it into a Webex I’ve created. In fact I want to reuse it in several Webex meetings. When I open a Webex meeting, I open Slido and I find no way to find it or load it. I’d expect it to let me enter a Slido code like #125634 or past a URL.

So after starting to write this, I found that I could open Slido in Webex and then I found an Advanced Setting button in the side panel. I click on that and a dialog box opens. In that dialog, I hit the back button then click on the hamburger menu and choose Switch Event and then I can find my event. My survey opens in that dialog box. So that is some progress but I’m unsure how I can make that survey appear for the other people attending the webinar.

This seems like a convoluted process. The solution to these problems seems so clear and simple.


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Hello, @John.laPlante

I’m sorry to hear about your trouble with running Slido from Webex. Let me try to help you here. 

Slido sidebar in Webex shows a list of Slido’s that are scheduled for a future date, as well as past events no older than 1 week. As you created your polls some time ago, your Slido doesn’t show in Webex sidebar, but it’s still available in your Slido account at 

To fix your issue:

  1. Go to, select “Login with Webex" and enter your Webex credentials
  2. Then, navigate to Past eventsand
  3. Duplicate your Slido by clicking the three dots next to it and selecting “Duplicate“. You’ll be able to adjust the name and dates. Polls and surveys you created in the old Slido will duplicate to the new one. 

  4. Open your Slido by clicking on it directly, and then navigate to Settings where you can also adjust the dates. 

Once you save the change and relaunch your Webex meeting, you’ll be able to see the existing Slido in your Webex sidebar. 

Also, if you want to run the same poll or survey multiple times, you’ve got several options depending on your use case. I’d be happy to help suggesting solutions for you after I know a little more about how you want to use them, if you need to keep the results, or who is your audience. 

Please do let me know if the above helped and a bit about the polls you’d like to use. I’ll get back to you with some more answers. 

All my best,