Restricted poll access within Webex

  • 3 August 2021
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I am hosting an event in Webex and using Slido to ask poll questions directly within Webex (thanks to the new integration that just came out!) to our members who join the event. However, we also have outside guests that join the event that we want to restrict from voting on the poll questions. 

I’ve found how we can restrict voting on poll questions by sending users to and requiring a passcode. Is there a way to use that functionality directly within Webex so users don’t have to leave the event window and can vote directly from Webex.


1 reply

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Hi, Chris, 

Thanks for reaching out. 

At the moment, it is not possible to restrict certain group of participants from voting in polls. Everybody in the Webex meeting will automatically see Slido. 

I understand that this functionality might be useful in your case so I passed your idea to our product team as a feature request for further consideration. 

All my best,