Display poll results in number of votes

  • 24 August 2020
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You can change the display of multiple choice poll results from percentage to the number of responses in Event Settings.

To see how many people voted for each option:

  1. Click the gear icon or the event name to open Event Settings
  2. Select Features and expand Live Polls
  3. Toggle on the Poll results option
  4. Hit Save


Please note that the results will appear as numbers after you deactivate and re-activate the poll again or refresh the page. 


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4 replies

Hey there. thank you so much! That helped perfectly!

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Happy to hear that @Richi :) 🎉

I’ve followed the exact steps and this doesn’t work for my poll, what can I do ?

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Hi @adestais

Thanks for your message, I’m sorry to hear this doesn’t work for your poll. 

There are certain poll types that don’t work with this feature, or that aren’t affected by this setting such as the ranking poll

If slido still isn’t working as expected, please feel free to open a chat from slido admin to chat with our lovely customer care team or alternatively, you can get them at support@slido.com :)