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What are event dates?

  • 29 April 2024
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the old interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


When setting your dates, make sure they match the dates of your actual event so the participants can easily join it and send their questions and ideas or vote in polls.


Event dates are the time frame during which participants can join the event using your unique event code at www.slido.com. If you need your audience to join the event outside the set event dates, share with them either the event link or event QR code.


You can set everything up in advance, test it and have access to your data anytime.


In this article:

Select or change the dates


For one-time plans, the maximum length between your start date and end date is 7 days.


If you're using the annual license, your events can last up to 12 months.


You’ll be asked to set up event dates when creating your event. If you wish to change them:

  1. In your event, go to Settings
  2. Stay in General - Basic information
  3. Select the start and end date




Setting up, testing in advance and event activation


As an admin, you are able to access your event and work with it at any time. Feel free to set everything up before the actual event takes place, test it out, and access the data whenever you need it once the event is over!

FAQ: When trying to join my event for testing, I'm getting the error "Sorry, there is no such event active right now" - what am I doing wrong?

If you see this error, it means that your event isn't active yet (the event dates are set for the future). No worries, your participants will be able to join the event without a problem when the time comes!


If you simply wish to test the event beforehand, try using our Participant mode pop-up on the left side of your admin view.


If you wish for your audience to access the event before it actually takes place (for instance to crowdsource questions beforehand), feel free to share your unique event link with them.



Closing your event


The event officially closes at midnight on the end date which you set up. If you wish to close the event instantly, choose one of the following options:

  1. Disabling all active features, or
  2. Close your Q&A and deactivate your polls.



Data availability

You have access to your event and data associated with it anytime unless you delete your event.


Available in our Engage plan and higher. 

Check your statistics in the Analytics tab and export your questions and poll results at any moment before, during and after the event. Your stats never expire.




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