Share access and add cohosts to your event in Slido

  • 24 August 2020
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.

If you’re organizing an event with multiple rooms or you’re expecting a bigger audience, you might need an additional pair of hands to help you approve questions or activate polls.

With any of our paid plans, you can share your event with as many cohosts as you need. If you’re using our free basic plan there’s a limit of 10 cohosts per event. Please note a cohost can be added to one event per each event host in an account. Cohosts can’t access or change any event settings. For an additional member to change event settings, this would require additional users. 

In this article:

Invite cohosts to your event


You can invite additional administrators to the event by email or using a shareable link.


To send an email invitation to a cohost:

  1. Open Settings and select the Share access tab
  2. Click on Add individual collaborators and type in the email address of your desired cohost
  3. Select Invite to send the email invitation

The email invitation link is valid for 30 days. You can resend or revoke the invitation anytime using the three-dot menu.

Share access to add collaborators

If you wish to enable a shareable link, simply toggle on the option, copy the link and share it via email or your preferred communication tool.

Please note that shareable links are not available for organizations with member SSO including Webex licenses. 

Once you invite a collaborator, they'll receive an email with the invitation. If they don't have a created Slido account, they'll be asked to create one. If they already do have it, they can simply log in. To access the event in the future, after accepting the invitation, they can do so by visiting and logging in. One person can be a cohost only in one event at a time.

Allow inviting external cohosts when SSO is set for your Slido Organization

If you're using single sign on (SSO) for your Slido organization, you can only invite people who are already members of the organization. To allow cohosts to log in without SSO, the organization owner needs to enable the option Exclude guests from SSO in the Member SAML/SSO settings under Organization settings.


Inviting external guests

Only the owner of Slido organization can change the SSO settings. 


Manage cohosts


If the cohost's email invitation expired, you can simply resend it or revoke it. You can also revoke access of any existing cohosts.

  1. Open Settings and select the Share access tab
  2. Click on Add individual collaborators and select the three vertical dots next to the cohost
  3.  ​​​​​Select Revoke access/Resend invite
Manage share access for guests

Cohost competencies


People you invite to help with your event can do all the actions related to running Q&A, Polls and Ideas. They can't access and change event settings.


Cohosts can ✅:

  • Moderate, archive, answer, label, highlight or delete questions
  • Activate, edit or create new polls
  • Activate, edit or create new ideas
  • Access event Analytics
  • Download exports

Cohosts can’t ❌:

  • Change the event code or event dates
  • Change privacy settings
  • Create, turn on and turn off multiple rooms
  • Add event branding
  • Access event Settings


Useful tips and troubleshooting


Add your colleagues to multiple events with full access to event settings

  • If you want to share multiple events with your colleagues and let them access the event settings, you can add them as additional users.


I’m g​​​​etting the "Please use email from suggested users" error

  • If you're getting this error and you are a license owner, go to Organization settings - Member SAML SSO and make sure the Exclude guests option is checked. If you're not a license owner, copy the article link and contact the license owner to do so.

I’m getting the "This user has been deactivated and cannot be invited as a guest" error

  • If you're getting this error, it means that the user you're trying to invite is currently a deactivated member of your organization. Before being able to invite the user as a cohost to your event, they have to be either reactivated or completely removed from the Organization first. This can only be done by the Organization Owner and Admins. If you're not one of them, copy the article link and contact them with your request.

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34 replies

I am trying to share access to an event with a colleague of mine (she does not have a license) but as soon as I enter her email I receive the following message: Sent invitation failed. It worked with another colleague’s email however. Does anyone have a hint how to resolve this issue? Thanks :)

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Hi @Stella,

Oh, sorry to hear your experiencing difficulties :( 

This might be a long shot, but could you please double check if your colleague was already added to the event? 

If not, there might be a couple of reasons why it’s not letting you go through. To get to the root cause and resolve it as quickly as possible, could you please reach out to our Customer Care team at, or by opening up a chat with them? 

To make things even faster, please include the e-mail of your colleague, the event you would like to add them to + a screenshot of  inspect element report

Thank you! 



Thanks, Francesca!!

How do I get the QR code prior to an event?  it’s not showing…


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Hi @Rich J,

Your QR code can be dowloaded from admin if you go to Share > Download QR code. 

You can also double check whether you have the QR code feature on by going to Settings > Customization > Present mode > and toggle on “Join event via QR code”


In some cases, the QR code feature might be turned off on an Organizational level. To check this, click on your profile in the top right corner of your admin and go to Organization Settings and Billing > Present mode > and toggle on Join event via QR code.


Here’s a more detailed article all about our QR code feature:


Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can help with 🤗

How can I add a list of 50 collaborators?



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Hi @Floris,

To invite multiple collaborators at the same time, you can enable the shareable link and send it to the collaborators. They then need to click on the link and create a guest account.

By the way, just to be clear, only those who will be creating polls and activating them need to be collaborators. Participants who will be voting in polls and sending in questions do not need to have an account in Slido. Sometimes people confuse these two.

Hope this helps 🙏 Let me know if you need anything else 🤗

How do I increase my share limit? We have 15 users collaborating on a project and I want each stakeholder to have access to the word cloud survey I created. 

Is there a maximum number of Guest collaborators for one event?

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Hi @adchac and @CarloJose,

We currently have a limit of maximum 10 guest collaborators per event, only in the free Basic plan. If you would like more collaborators, please upgrade to one of our one-time or annual plans.

@adchac would you like your stakeholders to be able to change the survey or to vote in the survey? If you would like them to vote in the survey, you don’t need to make them collaborators - simply send them a direct link to the survey.

Hope this helps 🙂 Let me know if you have any further questions 🙏

I work for in a large trainer team. Can I (or others) create polls and then share them across our facilitators so we can all use them? We all have SSO.


Hi @Felix2109 

Yes, you and others can create polls and share them with your facilitators so they can use them also.

You will need to create your event, then invite your facilitators as guest collaborators via email in the share access section of your event settings.

You can find a more detailed overview of sharing and adding guest collaborators here:

Let me know if this helps.

Thanks Jenai. Let me fun this concept past you (cos I am not looking for others to use the polls WITH me but in their OWN classes. So can I perhaps set up a (dummy) event into the future, put in all the polls that we want to share in that event, and then they can all “extract” those they want to use for their own events? Assuming this works, I probably have to keep changing the date of the dummy event so they dont disappear. Is there a time line ahead of which we cannot schedule events?
Thanks - hope my question makes sense


Hi @Felix2109,

I think I understand what you’re getting at. There’s no straightforward way for your facilitators to extract those polls they would like to use for their own events but there is a workaround. 

You could create a dummy event, put all the polls you would like to share in it, then invite your facilitators as guest collaborators to the event.

Once the facilitators have access to the dummy event, they will find the polls from the dummy event in their templates.

You can set the date of the dummy event for a maximum of up to a year so you don’t have to keep changing it.

Let me know if this helps or answers your question.

Brilliant - thank you Jenai

Hi there- 


I created a Slido for a hybrid conference I’m doing and the A/V people are requesting an admin link to work with. This is my first time using Slido and I’m not sure what they are referring to. Where would I find the Admin link to send to people who are helping run the Slido during the event. 

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Hey @Maggie,

Welcome to Slido! :) 

It seems like the A/V people are asking for access to the Slido admin.

  1. You will first need to log in at and open the Slido event you’re using during your event
  2. If you haven’t created your Slido event yet, here’s the tutorial
  3. You can then give them access either by entering their email into Slido or by sending them the shareable link

They will be asked to create guest accounts and then they can manage Slido admin.

They might also need a link to Present mode which shows polls and Q&A. You can simply open Present mode and then copy the link and send it to them.

Hope this helps 🙂 If you have any further questions, please let us know!

Someone duplicated an event and I edited the questions. Now I want to duplicate the event but I can’t. When I mouse over the event, I don’t see the option to duplicate. Is this because I was not the original author of the event?

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Hey @Ameade,

At the moment, guest collaborators cannot duplicate events, so if you’d like to duplicate it please reach out to the event owner.

However, you will find polls from events in which you’re a guest in ‘My previous polls’ and you can add these to other events.

Hope this helps! :)

Is there truly no way for the guest collaborator to access more than one poll at the time?

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Hey @Slido-explorer,

Guests can only access one event at time but they can manage all polls within the event. If you need to give someone access to multiple events at a time, you would need to purchase a user seat for them instead.

Hope this helps! :)


I use Google Slides integration for my presentation.
If I already share access (as an Editor) to the Google Slides document to a colleague, could he also Launch the presentation via the Slido add-on button if I add him as a Guest collaborator (and so if he logs in as this guest via the add-on on his device) ?


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Hey @Law K,

Editors in your Google Slides presentation get access to Slido automaticallyIf they have our Slido for Google Slides add-on installed and log in, they immediately become guests in your Slido which allows them to create polls and Q&A.

Hope this helps :)


Is there a way to invite a guest collaborator but only give them editing access for a specific room? I.e., a breakout room speaker can manage polls for Room 2, but not for the rest of the event.

I recently tried to access the shareable link to send to a collaborator and the option is no longer available under the Share drop-down option. Has this been removed? Under the Share drop-down, displays Invite Collaborators and the Add individual collaborators screen displays, where I can add an email address but there is no link to share.