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  • 16 April 2021
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


Customize your slido to best suit your needs in the SettingsWithin these settings you can invite co-hosts, enable security features, choose the Present mode colors and add logos, plus so much more.


You can also disable features you don’t need, integrate Slido with other tools, or turn on additional functionalities and experimental features.


Some features within settings are only available with select plans. Please visit our pricing page to view a comparison of plans and features.


In this article:



Access your settings


Once you’ve created your slido, you can set up your polls, quizzes, surveys, and Q&A. To adjust Settings, click the icon in the far left column or simply select your slido’s name in the upper left corner.


Find your slido settings


Here’s what you’ll find within settings:



General settings


If you need to edit your slido’s basic settings (name and dates), you can do so in the General settings. We always recommend customizing your slido code to something unique and easy to remember for your participants.


Expand the Additional settings to choose a different location, timezone, or language for your slido.


Please note that the selected language will apply to the participant interface and Present mode. However, the polls you create or the questions that your participants submit are not automatically translated. And your Host mode will always remain in English.


General settings is also where you can enable and set up Multiple rooms for your slido. Check out our comprehensive guide for using Multiple rooms to learn more.



Share Access settings


If you need help editing and moderating your slido, you can add co-hosts to do just that. The Share Access settings are where you can invite them and manage their access.


You can invite individuals by adding their email address and selecting Invite. Or if you’d like to add a specific group of people to be co-hosts, you can add your event to a Slido Space.


Slido Spaces are perfect for when you frequently collaborate with the same people. Adding people to a space makes it so whenever you share a slido to that space, those people gain immediate access. Check out our overview of Slido Spaces to learn more.



Privacy settings


This section allows you to hide your slido from search, edit your Participant privacy settings, and secure your slido by requiring authentication (name, email address, passcode, etc.).


Privacy and security options will vary based on your plan. Basic accounts can require a simple passcode, a name, and/or an email address. Professional and higher licenses can restrict the access of the slido based on email addresses and domains. And lastly, Enterprise and equivalent plans (Premium or Institution) can set up either Google or SAML Single sign-on (SSO) authentication.


Adjust privacy settings


Learn more about privacy options in our security guide. And compare plans on our pricing page.



Features settings


In this section, you can adjust the settings for specific features. Or you can simply toggle off the features you don’t need.


Audience Q&A

Once your participants join your slido, they’re able to submit questions to your Q&A. They can do this anonymously or with their name, plus they can also upvote others’ questions. As a Host, you can enable or disable the following:

  • Moderation - Filter irrelevant and/or inappropriate questions
  • Labels - Organize questions via topics or address them to speakers
  • Downvotes - Allow participants to downvote others’ questions
  • Replies - Allow participants to reply to submitted questions
  • Maximum question length - Increase the question character limit up to 300
  • Close questions - Prevent participants from submitting new questions


Live polls

Live polls are the poll questions that you pose to your participants (one poll = one question). Below are the settings options you’ll have for your polls:



Customization settings


Here you can customize the look of your Present mode and participant mode (what your participants see on their devices).


Our higher paid plans (Professional, Enterprise, Premium, and Institution) allow you to add Branding (custom logos, colors, and images) to accommodate your event or company design.


Within Present mode settings, you can choose from more than 30 color themes, plus enable a QR code. You can also change the number of displayed questions or make it so highlighted questions display in fullscreen.


Participant mode settings give you the option to set up custom colors or a welcome screen for your attendees. This is also where you can enable and set up external links within your slido.


Customization settings



Integrations settings


Slido integrates with the tools you already use. Whether you’re planning on using Slido with your presentation, video call, live video stream, or embedding it into a website or event app – you can find what you need in the Integrations section.


Current integrations:

  • PowerPoint - Add Slido directly into your presentations (available for both Windows and macOS)
  • Microsoft Teams - Use Slido within your Microsoft Teams calls
  • Live video - Add live video streams to your slidos (e.g. YouTube live or Facebook live)
  • Google Slides - Add Slido directly into your presentations
  • Webex - Use Slido directly within your Webex meetings and webinars
  • Switcher - Seamlessly switch between Slido and your presentation using our own Switcher app
  • Embed Slido into a website or event app - Add Slido to your website or app (including query parameters support for website embedding)
  • Zoom - Use Slido directly within your Zoom meetings


All integration tutorials and other resources can be found in our Integrations hub.



Slido Labs (beta)


Here you can enable Beta features or request early access to experiments. Plus, you can also send us your own suggestions.


Learn more about the current options in our Experiment with Slido using Labs article.



My plan


If ever in doubt, this is where you can double-check which plan you’re using. You can always click the Show pricing option to upgrade if needed.


View your plan




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