Are there any limitations in Google Slides integration?

  • 24 August 2020
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In this article, you can learn about the limitations of our Google Slides integration which can be removed by installing our free extension for Google Chrome


If you’re having any issues with the Google Slides integration, please check out the Troubleshooting part of our Use Slido with Google Slides article.


The extension will allow for seamless integration without the need to switch between Google Slides and Slido, while ensuring that videos, animated transitions, and GIFs work as they should when you present.

In this article:




These Google Slides features will only work if you have our Chrome extension installed:

  • Animations on slides
  • Transitions between slides
  • GIFs
  • Hyperlinks

The following limitations apply to our Google Slides integration in general:

  • Slido Ideas are not supported
  • It's not possible to unlink a Slido session from the Google Slides presentation, but you can reuse the session or add a new session to your presentation
  • You can use your PowerPoint presentation (.pptx) in Google Slides, however you have to link your Slido session and add your polls and Q&A again.

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4 replies

Is it planned to support Ideas in Google Slides integration? If so could you please share an ETA?

Is there a work-a-round until then? Looking for two features:

  1. Activate a topic when a slide comes up.
  2. Show the ideas on a slide.

So very similar to how polls are working. Activating a topic manually from my smartphone at the right time shouldn’t be a big issue. But would love to avoid switching to another browser window for showing the results.

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Hi, thanks for this question a apologies for our late response,

Currently we don’t have an ETA for the Ideas feature in our Google Slides integration.

The best work-a-round is probably to use the Q&A feature for this. Participants may submit their ideas as questions and then upvote the ones they like the most. You may insert the Q&A slide more than once in you presentation, to start the conversation and to show the results.

Hope this helps,

Please let us know if you have further questions.

Can you have BOTH Google Slides integration and the Chrome integration installed? I need to clarify which one to use as training for a bunch of people who will be presenting a deck with polls in different cities.

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Hey @Back_that_SaaS_Up ,

Google Slides Add-on must be downloaded on any computer being used to create or present the Slido event.

For seamless presenting, install our extension for Google Chrome along with the add-on.

It is not required but it ensures that your animations, transitions, videos and GIFs all work well when presenting with our Slido for Google Slides add-on.

Let us know if you have any other questions!