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  • 10 November 2021
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If you want to use the same presentation with Slido linked to it for multiple audience groups, you have several options.

Whether you want to clear Slido poll results and Q&A completely after the session, compare the data from similar events, or add a new session to the same presentation, we’ve got you covered.  


We call Slido events linked to Google Slides or PowerPoint presentations “sessions”.

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Reset Slido session in Google Slides


After testing your Slido session, you might want to clear the testing data to get ready for the actual meeting or event. A quick reset right from the sidebar can also help you save time while running a knowledge check with multiple audience groups.  

To reset your session:

  1. In Slido sidebar, click on the hamburger menu
  2. Click on “Reset session”

This will wipe all poll responses from the current session and archive the Q&A at once. To save the data, download the results before resetting the session.

Resetting Slido session in Google Slides


Duplicate Slido session in Google Slides

If you’re looking to reuse your presentation with the same set of polls without losing the results, we recommend duplicating your session. This can come handy while comparing results from recurring sessions, such as all hands meetings or monthly pulse surveys. 


To duplicate your session:

  1. In Slido sidebar, click on the hamburger menu 
  2. Click  “Duplicate session”
Duplicating a Slido session in Google Slides


Once the action is confirmed, the Slido interaction slides within your presentation will be available under a new session with an updated code and dates, and you can use it right away.


The duplicated session will be active for 7 days, starting from the date of session duplication. 


Switch Slido session in Google Slides

You can reuse your presentation with a different Slido session. Whether you want to link an already created session to your Google Slides presentation or create a whole new one, you can use the Switch session option.

This is especially beneficial for trainers or hosts who want to keep using a single presentation for various audience groups, while having separate sets of results from each group. 


To switch to a different session:

  1. In Slido sidebar, click on the hamburger menu 
  2. Click on “Switch session”
  3. Choose the session you want to switch to or create a new one
Switching Slido sessions in Google Slides



Duplicate your Google Slides presentation

In Google Slides, duplicating your presentation will duplicate all of your Slido interaction slides under a new session with zero data. The dates and the code of the session will update automatically. 

For instance, if you’re delivering the same training for three different sets of participants during the day, duplicating the presentation can save time and keep the data separate for each group. 



Frequently Asked Questions related to reusing a Slido session in Google Slides

  • Is it possible to unlink a Slido session from my Google Slides presentation?
    Unfortunately, it’s currently not possible. We recommend duplicating your slides and switching to a newly created session. 


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Thank you for this. I am creating a Google Slides presentation that will use one slido session (3 word clouds) and be used to deliver a training every week. Can I confirm that If i instruct my trainers to EITHER reset the session in the add-on toolbar menu in google slides OR simply make a copy of the presentation, the old answers from previous participants will automatically delete, and the session will remain open? Is there an advantage to one or the other? At the moment the timing in the slido I have set up suggests that this will expire after a week at the latest...

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Hey @Bryony,

That’s a great question! The answer depends on whether your presenters are part of your Slido organisation.

If your presenters are users in your Slido organisation, they can duplicate the presentation and the Slido event will duplicate as well. This will basically create a new blank Slido event with the same polls.

However, if they are not part of your Slido organisation, then they will need to reset the polls after each session. This is because external guests are not able to duplicate Slido events, so even if they make a copy of the presentation, the Slido slides will not work. If your trainings are delivered at the same time and multiple people need access to the presentation at the same time, then I would suggest that you create a presentation and a separate Slido event for each training session.

Hope this helps 🙂 Let me know if you have any questions!

I’m wondering if I understand the way you’ve architected Slido. 

If I’m delivering a deck with integrated Slido polls as part of a roadshow in 10 cities and want to keep the poll results separate for each city, it appears as if I need to have 10 separate presentations with the Slido integrations? 

Your current design allows you create new events with polls, but that only works if the polls are at the begging of a deck or at the end of a deck. If the polls are used throughout the story, it requires someone to re-insert the polls into the right place every time they re-deliver the presentation in a new city. Of course, you could copy the results from one city, and then reset the poll for the next city. The reason that might now work so well is if you have presenters, who own a presentation for a city, practicing with a deck and polls.

My choice appear to be

(1) Create 10 separate decks with polls for each city. Allow each presenter to manage their deck and practice with it.

(2) Use 1 deck and add “event” polls at beginning or end of deck - relying on presenters to remember to do this. Presenters can practice use a separate deck.

(3) Use 1 deck and collect analytics after each event and reset polls before next event. Presenters can practice use a separate deck.

Am I understanding the current design correctly?

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Hey @Back_that_SaaS_Up ,

Currently these are the options you would have with the direct Google Slides or PPT integrations.

What you could do as a workaround for option 2:

  • Create 1 Google Slides deck to be used by all presenters
  • Create 1 Slido event with 10 Rooms, each to their respective city/presenter
  • Use our Switcher Application for each presenter using their phone as a remote control to switch between their presentation and the Slido Polls throughout (so they arent all at the beginning or end)

Let us know if this would work, or if you have any other questions!