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  • 15 March 2021
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Welcome to our Microsoft Teams integration FAQ page. We’ve set it up in order to answer some of the most frequent questions that you might have regarding the integration.


For the step-by-step guide on how to integrate Slido with Microsoft Teams follow the article link. 


Current Limitations of Microsoft Teams and Slido integration:
  • Instant Channel meetings are not supported by Microsoft.
  • Participant emails are not captured in the Slido exports.
  • Microsoft Teams Live events doesn’t support apps.
  • The preview version of “New Teams” experience doesn’t support apps.



In this article we’re covering the following questions:


I can’t see the + button to add the Slido app, what should I do?

If you scheduled your meeting and you still can’t see the + button, please make sure at least one participant is invited to this meeting. Once done, go to Edit the meeting and the + button should be available.

Is there any extra cost for the integration?

There is no additional cost for the integration, it works with all of our packages, including the free Basic package.

Does the integration work with Teams Live Events? 

No, it does not. Meeting apps like Slido only work with Teams Meetings at the moment. We would like to offer this for Live Events in the future, once Microsoft enables it. Teams Live Events is Microsoft’s webinar/large event product, similar to Zoom Video Webinar.

Will external users see the Slido app when they join a Teams Meeting?

In most cases, yes. Participants from outside of your organization will see the Slido app as long as they’re signed in to their own Microsoft account. 

Does the integration work with Teams channel meetings?

It supports the “scheduled” channel meetings but the “instant” channel meetings that you start using the “Meet now” feature do not support apps. Instant Channel meetings are currently not supported by Microsoft.

Does the integration work in a web browser?

Yes, both the participants and hosts can use Slido in Teams in a web browser.

Does the integration work in the Teams mobile app?

Yes, both iOS and Android Microsoft Teams apps support Slido when used in a meeting.

Does the integration work with the Teams breakout rooms?

Currently, the Slido app will only be available in the main Teams room. When divided into breakout rooms, the Slido app will not be available in these.

I schedule Teams Meetings in Outlook, can I still use the integration?

Yes, you can! After you schedule a meeting in Outlook, open the Meeting in your Teams Calendar to add the Slido app.

I can’t see the Slido app in Teams, what’s the problem?

It’s likely the organisation administrator of your Microsoft Teams apps doesn’t allow apps or Slido needs to be allowed as an app. Reach out to your IT support team to get more information.


Does the Teams app work hand in hand with Slido’s PowerPoint add-in?

Yes, it does, as long as you use the same Slido event (or session) in both PowerPoint and Teams. Please note that the PowerPoint live feature does not work with Slido, so you will need to share your screen or application window with PowerPoint. 

How do you handle security?

We continually review Slido to make sure that we meet Microsoft's compliance and security standards. You can find our certification on Microsoft’s page


What permissions are required when adding the Slido app to Teams?

When adding Slido to your Teams Meeting or Channel, the Slido app requires permission to:

  • Receive messages and data that you provide to it.

  • Send you messages and notifications.

  • Access your profile information such as my name, email address, company name, and preferred language.

  • Receive messages and data that team members provide to Slido in a channel.

  • Send messages and notifications in a channel.

  • Access your team’s information such as team name, channel list and roster (including team member’s names and email addresses) - and use this to contact them​.


Didn’t find an answer to your question in this article? Contact our Support team at support@slido.com.



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Does the integration work with Teams channel meetings?

Does the integration work with the Teams breakout rooms?

I have found that Slido can be added into Teams channel meetings and also inside breakout rooms. For Teams channel meeting, we add Slido while we are running the meeting, not before that. For breakout rooms, we need to join each breakout room meetings to add Slido manually.



Thank you so much for sharing these valuable insights with the rest of the community and teaching us something new! 

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Do you have to be in the live Teams meeting to disable the Teams Chat as suggested in the guide? 


Hey @ChelseaDraper ,

We’d love to help, but I’m not quite sure what you mean by that question.

Can you please reach out to our support@slido.com and explain it a bit more? Or you can open live chat on slido.com.

That way we can troubleshoot better. Send screenshots, useful articles, etc.

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