Add Collaborators to help you manage Slido in Webex

  • 11 November 2021
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If you’re a host in Webex meeting or webinar and using Slido, you can add collaborators to help you manage Q&A and run the polls via the Slido website.

On the day, meeting cohosts and webinar panelists can request to manage Slido directly from the Webex sidebar.


Essential requirements and limitations: 

  • Slido is available for collaborators on Webex desktop app only: they need Webex Meetings or Webex Webinars on Windows or macOS.
  • By default, only people from the same Webex organization can be added as collaborators. The owner of the Slido/Webex license can enable external collaborators in the account settings.
  • Collaborators in Webex Meetings (added via shared access feature at don’t need to be a cohost.
  • Collaborators in Webex Webinars have to be a panelist to see Apps.



In this article: 

Add a collaborator before the meeting or webinar

You can invite someone to help you manage polls and Q&A in advance via the Slido website. Once you add Slido to your Webex meeting or webinar in the sidebar on the day, they’ll be able to see the same Slido under ‘Apps’.  


To invite a collaborator beforehand: 

  1. Go to and select ‘Log in with Webex’
  2. Once you’re logged in with your Webex credentials, select the event you’re using in Webex, or create a new one
  3. In your Slido event, go to Settings and expand the Share access section
  4. Type in the email address of the person you’d like to add as a collaborator and click ‘Invite’
Adding a guest collaborator via event Settings in Slido


For more details about adding somebody to your Slido, go to Share access and add guest collaborators to your event article. 

Once you start your Webex meeting, you or your collaborator can launch Slido from Apps > Slido. Just make sure to select the correct Slido. 

If you’re a webinar host, you need to add Slido to Webex before any guest collaborator can access admin mode in the sidebar. Once you do so, they’ll see the Slido session they’ve been invited to after they open Slido via ‘Apps’.  

Opening Slido admin in Webex from a host perspective



Add a cohost or panelist as a collaborator during the meeting or webinar

Meeting cohosts and webinar panelists can request to manage Slido directly from the Webex sidebar without a need of setting up the shared access in advance.

After you, as a host, add Slido to Webex, and assign your cohosts or panelists, they’ll have the option to ask for collaborator access. 

To do so, cohosts and panelists need to:

  1. Go to the ‘Apps’ in Webex and select Slido in the sidebar
  2. ​Click the ‘Request access’ button
Requesting access to Slido as a cohost or panelist

Once they do so, you will see a request to help manage Slido in your sidebar. You can decide whether you want to approve it or cancel: 

Approving collaborator access


The following article helps you understand the different roles in Slido and Webex: 



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2 replies

We had a session in Webex Meetings that I was co-hosting with a partner and whenever a poll or activity was launched I couldn't see anything from my end as the co host. My view was if I was an attendee. This has never happened before. We both have always had control when launching Slido. Is this a feature that we need to setup or did Slido change to only allow the host to see and launch polls? 

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Hi @L. Merritte,

Sorry for the late reply! We were investigating this on our side :)

The way our Webex integration works at the moment is that whoever is activating polls will only see Slido admin in Webex, while other collaborators can see both admin and attendee view. As a co-host who was not activating polls, you should have seen both the admin view and the participant view. Admin view can be accessed by clicking on the Apps button and attendee view is accessed by clicking on the three dots next to the chat icon.

If you only saw participant view this could mean that you weren’t added as a collaborator to the Slido event. Could you check whether you were added to the event?

Hope this helps 🙂 Let me know if you have any further questions.