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  • 20 January 2022
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You can use Slido live polling and Q&A directly in Webex Webinars (formerly Webex Events new) with our seamless integration. It’s currently available for up to 10,000 attendees, 5,000 if you’re using quizzes. 


Slido Analytics are not available in Webex Control Hub. 


 In this article: 


Essential Requirements
  • Slido needs to be approved and enabled in the Webex Control Hub by a full Webex admin
  • Webex Webinars app version 41.9 or later
  • The following domains need to be allowed in your network firewall:,, *,, *,
Current Limitations of Webex and Slido integration:
  • Slido is available for hosts and panelists (if they’re managing Slido) on Webex desktop app only: they need Webex Webinars on Windows or macOS
  • Webcast view for more than 10,000 attendees only supports multiple choice poll, rating poll and Q&A
  • Collaborators in Webex Webinars have to be a panelist and use Webex desktop app to see Apps
  • Internet Explorer 11 not supported
  • Space meetings are not supported
  • Webex shared devices and personal devices for hosts are not yet supported
  • Not available for FedRAMP and end-to-end encrypted meetings
  • Ideas feature not available



Schedule a Webex Webinar


To start: 

  1. Log in to your Webex platform (e.g. and click ‘Schedule a webinar’:
    Scheduling a Webex Webinar


  2. Then, fill out the information about your webinar and click ‘Schedule’ once finished.
    Setting up Webex webinar


Set up and run Slido during your webinar

You can prepare your Slido in advance at‘Log in with Webex’, enter your Webex credentials and create your Slido

Alternatively, you can set everything up on the day of the event directly in Webex:

  1. Open the Webex desktop app and continue to ‘Apps’
  2. Click Slido
  3. Select your existing event or create a new one
    Launching Slido in Webex before or during your webinar or webcast



Once you’re in, create your polls or turn on moderation of questions if preferred. Creating and managing polls and Q&A during your webinar is similar to how it’s done in Webex Meetings. The visual guide below will walk you through it:


Please note that the ‘Apps’ button and Slido are not available in webinar practice session. It will appear once you’re live. 


Your participants will be able to interact with Slido directly in the sidebar once you open it via Apps. 

Slido in webcast mode from a participant point of view



Have a collaborator help you managing polls and Q&A

To help you activate polls and moderate submitted questions, you can add a collaborator to Slido. Collaborators need to have a panelist role in Webex Webinars to be able to see Apps. 

As the Webex webinar host, you should be the first one to open Slido via Apps > Slido during the webinar. Collaborators also need to open Slido via Apps > Slido to be able to help with polls and Q&A. 


Make sure you have Slido open in Webex while also being logged into Slido in PowerPoint or Google Slides if you’re using the integration during your Webex Webinar. 

Here are some helpful resources for using Slido with integrations and collaborators:


Frequently asked questions

  • Can I use Slido for webinars over 10,000 participants? 
    The full Slido functionality is available in Webex Webinars for up to 10,000 attendees. For bigger webinars up to 30,000 people you can use Slido multiple choice poll, rating poll and Q&A only. 



Curious about learning more? 


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Hello, @Rouven

I’m really happy to hear that. 

All my best, 


Hello @Dasa from Slido ,
I can confirm that the process is working. It was not clear that both, the Host & Panelist need to open Slido in the Webex Apps.

Best Regards,

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Hello @Rouven Webcast Account

hope you were able to successfully run Slido during your webinar in the meantime. Sorry for the delayed reply. 

If you invited the webinar host as a collaborator to your Slido (prepared in advance), then during the webinar both you and the host need to open Slido from Apps. The host needs to add Slido to Webex first and you need to have a panelist role to be able to see Apps and open Slido from the sidebar. 

It seems like this was the only step you were missing to get Slido working via PowerPoint also in Webex.    

Apologies for not making it clear in the article, I already added a note addressing the requirement. Also, we’ve got a great selection of materials in our Slido Adoption Library, including a step-by-step guide on how to use Slido with both PowerPoint and Webex integration

Good luck with your next webinar, hope this helps!



Hey @Slido Team,
today we have a fantastic experience with the PowerPoint and Webex Integartions. Thumbs up.

However yesterday I had a Webex Webinar with Slido polling, initiated through PowerPoint which did not work correctly.


  • I’ve prepared a Slido polling within the web interface and shared it to the Webinar host
  • The Webinar host started the Webex Webinar and activated the Slido polling
  • I started to peresent my PowerPoint slide as panelist
  • When coming to the Slido integrated slide the Slido polling started (host could see it) BUT the Slido sidebar did not come up on participant side and was not possible to show manually
  •  This was the case for the participant Desktop- and Webclient
  • Workaround: The host stopped the polling while my Slido slide was up and started it

I am able to replicate this.

It is working if I as the panelist use the host login in the PowerPoint Integration. 

It seems that ONLY the host is able to initiate the polling / sidebar not the panelist.

Best Regards,