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  • 3 February 2023
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


Sometimes you need to collaborate with a consistent group of people for your Slido meetings. Spaces make this easier than ever. When you add members to a space, they can access, duplicate, and edit all slidos in that shared space.


Use this guide, along with the video below, to set up a space and collaborate more efficiently with your team.


Available with Enterprise and Institution annual plans


In this article:



Create a space


Follow the below steps to create your first space.

  1. After signing in, select the Create space option near the top right corner
  2. Give your space a name and description
  3. Click Save
Create a new space



Add members to your space


After you’ve created your space, select the + option next to your initials to add additional members. You can add any other members of your same Slido organization to the space.


Keep in mind that any members that you add will be able to access, duplicate, and edit all slidos added to the space.


Add members to your space



Add your slido to a space


If you’ve already created a meeting that you’d like to add to a space, simply:

  1. Open your slido
  2. Click on Settings
  3. Select Share access and choose the space to which you want to add your slido
Add a slido to a space



Manage space members


When teams change, you might need to adjust who has access to a space. To remove a member from a space:

  1. Open the space from which you want to remove a member
  2. Click on the gear icon to access the space settings
  3. Select the Manage members option
  4. Click Remove, next to the members’ name and confirm
How to manage space members



Delete a space


If you don’t need a space anymore, you can easily delete it.

  1. Open the space you want to delete
  2. Click on the gear icon to access the space settings
  3. Select the Delete space option
  4. Click Yes, delete space to confirm
How to delete a space


When you delete a space, all members lose access to the shared slidos. However, members will keep their access to slidos they created or were manually added to as co-hosts.


Keep in mind that only the creator of the space can delete it.





  • Can I invite users outside of my organization?
    Yes, but you need to have either a Webex license or an approved domain claim with the “auto approval” option set up. In addition to this, co-hosts cannot invite new users to a space and additional domain restrictions are applied for any new user invitation.
  • Can I duplicate slidos in a space?
    Yes, any member in a space can duplicate any slido that lives under the same space.
  • Can I have separate invoices for members in different spaces?
    Split invoices are not supported yet.
  • What’s the difference between Co-hosts and Spaces?
    Co-hosts have a limited ability to collaborate on slidos because they cannot access the settings. In Spaces, all members of a space automatically get full access to the slidos within that space. You don’t have to invite people manually, which makes collaborating on recurring slidos much easier.
  • Can I be a member of multiple spaces at the same time?
    Yes, absolutely! You can collaborate with your colleagues in as many different Spaces as you need. You can also create Spaces that are not shared with anyone and are only used to organize your own slidos.
  • Does a space need to be created by an administrator in my license?
    No, anyone with a paid user seat in your license can create a space.
  • Can two people work on/run the same slido at the same time? 
    If two people are editing at the same time, changes of the person who saved it last will be applied.
  • Is there any limit to the number of spaces I can create or members and slidos I can add to one?
    Any user can create as many spaces, invite as many members, & create as many slidos in a space as they like (within reason 🙂)
  • How does the collaboration work without Spaces? Can users access other users’ slidos?
    Without Spaces, users can only add co-hosts to each slido manually. There is no ability to give access “in bulk” outside of Spaces.
  • What happens when the creator of a space leaves the company and no longer has access to Slido?
    The space will remain in your account and everyone else in it will be able to use it as they would normally.



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2 replies

I love where this is going with spaces - however it would be even better to be able to share slido in a space that is already created.  We have been using webex since 2020 and rather than having to create a new space to use a slido poll it would be nice to integrate into spaces we already have. 

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Hello @melmack

would you please share with me if you mean existing Slido spaces? Because if you create an event via our website on you can directly choose to create the event directly in your existing Slido space.