👩‍💻 Discussion of the month: Asynchronous communication

  • 25 February 2022
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Hey Community,

As we near the end of February, it’s time for our favorite activity - discussion of the month 🎉

Moving into 2022, the world is becoming more hybrid and remote-friendly, much to the joy of those of us who love working in sweatpants. But how can we communicate effectively without a physical shared space? 

👉 The answer could be asynchronous communication and that is our topic of the month.

Asynchronous communication happens when you exchange information at different times. Head over to our blog to read about the benefits of asynchronous communication and for 7 tips on embracing it.

Some ways you can kick-start your asynchronous communication is by collecting input from your coworkers over long periods of time. 

📌 This can include running asynchronous feedback rounds on your projects. Check out our tutorial for running and sharing surveys

📌 You can also try collecting questions from your team before meetings. Did you know participants can submit questions to the Q&A long before the meeting starts? Just create your event and share the permanent link with your team. They will be able to submit questions at any time, even outside of event dates.

For even more ideas on asynchronous communication, watch our webinar.


Now we’d love to hear from you!

What challenges do you face with asynchronous communication? Do you have any tips for overcoming them?

Let us know 👇

1 reply

I would love to use more asynchronous communication but it is difficult, transitioning into it. Our workplace is adopting a hybrid approach and getting information to everyone at the same time is not easy. We also love using Q&A during our big meetings but sometimes people are focusing hard on the content and they don’t have time to come up with questions. Thanks for the tip about collecting questions before the meeting! I had no idea this existed.