🤗 Discussion of the month: How to run more inclusive meetings?

  • 6 October 2021
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Hey everyone! Hope you’re having a great week 😊


We’ve recently published an article where we’ve collected our best practices on Running More Inclusive Meetings - meetings where each employee has a voice and feels empowered to actively contribute.

It features 15 essential tactics divided into 3 categories - pre, during and post meeting. 


But! We’d also love to hear from you - our community!  🤗


What practices have you implemented to make sure your meetings are more inclusive and everyone gets to be heard?


Let us know 👇


3 replies

Hello, Joanna here!

In my company, we have a few Deaf & Hard of Hearing people and so using Slido for collecting questions have made a huge improvement! We used to collect questions in Zoom chat but it was an absolute nightmare trying to keep up with the chat and the meeting, even with dedicated facilitators. 

I also love the support of my team who always make sure to upvote questions from our deaf colleagues so that they get to ask something and contribute to large meetings too!

We do struggle with keeping all outputs and recordings organized though. Any suggestions on how to make things work on that front? Also sharing unanswered questions is currently a nightmare! :( 

I work in Marketing & Media and so we run a ton of brainstorming sessions with my team and since the switch to remote work, collecting ideas prior to a session has been crucial! 

This way, even people who can’t attend the meeting can contribute to the discussion with their ideas.

Since we no longer have that “office talk” throughout the day, instead we set up a slido event where we collect ideas whenever they pop into our heads. My colleague even suggested setting up a different room for each bigger topic to make sure that we don’t mix things up. It’s very easy, convenient and keeps things separate from slack where we just chat about ops mostly.

I know that there is a specific function for ideas in Slido but we just use the q&A for collecting to make things simpler.



that article is gold! thanks a lot for sharing alex (: 

with my team I always make sure that all meetings are open for everyone to join, we practice open culture and this really helps everyone to be on the same page and involved in decision making. we are a pretty small team though, so maybe the same won’t work for bigger companies. I absolutely love when our interns join big meeting and always make sure to ask for their ideas and feedback as they are the ones with fresh outlook on things. 

we’ve never tried appointing a specific facilitator though, it could be fun to have someone else involving people online and in the room than me so that I can focus on the topic and discussion at hand! has anyone tried this before? 


thanks, Flavia