Do you do any followups on the answered questions from the meeting?

  • 11 June 2021
  • 2 replies

What do you do with unanswered questions? In the big meetings, we’ve started getting a lot of questions which we don’t manage to answer in the meeting but we don’t want them to go in vain. Do you have any tips?

2 replies

Hi both, 

We used to do what Dara is suggesting, after a while it was taking so much time! Don’t take me wrong, we want to address people’s questions, but we found another way how to save us some time ;)

Towards the end of the meeting we tell employees how much time we have left and that we take x number of questions. We also stress out that we will answer in writing those questions that have at least 5 likes. Something like, ‘Hey, we have 5 minutes left, we have time for 3 more questions so make sure you upvote the most relevant ones.’ It works nicely :)

Have you tried answering them in writing? That’s what we do, after each meeting, we take the questions left and answer them in a doc. Then we share it on Slack along with the slides and the recording from the meeting. Have worked well so far.