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  • 24 August 2020
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We believe that Slido can play an essential part in education by facilitating interaction during lectures and virtual classes. That’s why we created special plans for schools and universities and have designed a package for educators that includes integrations with PowerPoint, Google Slides, and improved Slido Quizzes.

With Slido, you can test knowledge of your students, collect their questions, and ask for their feedback to improve the learning experience.


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Who qualifies

  • Professors and teachers with active teaching engagements in a school or university
  • Elementary schools, high schools, colleges and universities
  • Students with an active university email address
  • School districts
  • Research institutions which are part of university structures

Who doesn’t qualify

  • Private trainers or agencies that offer training sessions or workshops
  • Governmental or private institutions
  • NGOs and nonprofit organizations

We offer discounts for charities and nonprofit organizations! Go to Slido for Nonprofits to learn more.

How to apply?

To purchase one of our EDU plans, make sure to sign up with your institution’s email address.

Afterwards, simply go to our pricing page , select EDU and click Buy now. We will confirm your email address by sending you a verification link and you will be then able to finalize your payment.


Our review process

In some cases, we may first need to review your request before enabling this pricing option for you. Not every institution may meet our eligibility requirements to qualify for this program. We set these guidelines and determine an institution’s qualification at our sole discretion. We reserve the right to grant or deny this application or participation at any time, for any reason, and to supplement or amend our eligibility guidelines at any time.


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4 replies

Good afternoon,  It is time for me to renew my slido, and according to your blog post, I qualify for an education plan.  When I click on the pricing page, I don't see that as an option.  Is there any way for me to be able to utilize this plan?  Liz

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Hi @lizzilo

Here’s the link to our Education pricing page 😊

If you need further help with renewal, our customer care team are available 24/5 and will happily assist you. You can reach out to them at or through live chat from your Slido admin page. 

Let me know if you need anything else!

I am a full time faculty member at a university. I created an account through my university email, and when I click "Buy now" to sign up for an EDU plan, I get the following message

Request an EDU plan
Please note that our EDU plans are designed for use in classrooms at schools and universitie

I submitted my response to this message, but I still cannot purchase. No matter how many times I press "Buy now", I still get the same message as before. I hope you can help me because I want to upgrade as soon as possible for the new semester's lectures. Thank you in advance.


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Hi @Koji Tanaka

The best way to process an EDU request would be to reach out to our customer care team, who’ll be able to look into this for you in more detail. They’re available 24/5 through our live chat or by reaching out to

Hope this helps!