Voting (thumbs up / down) on questions

  • 24 May 2023
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Is there a way to turn off the “voting” on questions … where participants give a question a thumbs up or down and that changes then the order of questions showing. We would like a session where moderator has full control over what questions get answered, without regards to number of thumbs up or down. Thanks! 


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6 replies

In the run the Slido Q&A like a pro recording, I learned about the star option, too. You can star the questions you want to focus on and sort by starred items.

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Hi @edwardcarillo,

Thank you for your feedback! We hear you, questions jumping up and down can definitely be distracting, especially during larger meetings. 

We’ll make sure to share this with our product teams and update you on any new developments. 

I share the sentiment that this feature would be incredibly valuable! We're optimistic that Slido will introduce the capability to disable voting for Q&A. This is crucial for users like us who want to pinpoint the truly "top" questions without the concern that the ranking will constantly change.

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Hey @emilia391 ,

To prevent a live changing of the upvoting as a workaround, could you share the Q&A link with your participants to gather questions and upvote them a few days before the Live meeting occurs? Just a suggestion for now!


Agreed that this would be a tremendously useful feature! Hoping Slido creates the ability to turn off voting for Q&A. This is important for those of us who need to know what questions are really “top” without worrying that it’ll keep changing.

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Hey @Helen Kelley ,

It is not currently possible to disable the Upvote option in a Q&A session but you can change the order of which the Questions are appearing on the screen from Top (most upvotes) to most Recent questions being submitted.

Let us know if this helps!