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  • 24 August 2020
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


Live polling is an effective way of keeping your audience engaged. Once any participant submits a vote or answer, the results are instantly updated in your host view, on participants’ devices, and in the Present mode.


In this article:



Poll results in Host mode


Once you activate a poll, you’ll see the poll results live as they come in.


See live poll results in Host mode



Poll results in Present mode


Open the Present mode by clicking the green Present button in the bottom right corner. Then simply share your screen with your participants so everyone can see and easily follow the poll results.


Present mode displaying real time poll results


Pro tip: Use the control bar to manage all polling and Q&A directly from Present mode. See our guide for more info.



Poll results in Participant mode


Once a participant responds to a poll, the results update in real-time on their devices (unless the host has chosen to hide them). You can always click the View as participant option in the bottom right corner to see exactly what participants are seeing.


Participant view of live poll results


Survey results can only be displayed in Present and Participant modes one poll at a time.




Learn more:


17 replies

How do I know the participant wise result?


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Hi, @subh

If you’d like to see results per participant, you can export your results per user and see how everybody voted based on their unique ID’s generated by the system. In case you also set up the requirement for entering the names, you’ll see those in exports, too. 

Is that what you had in mind? 

Is there a way to show results as they come in to everyone without sharing a screen?  I would like everyone to see results as they come in even if not voting.

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Hey @Andrew Greenstone ,

If someone has the Slido poll open on their phone but is not voting, they will only be able to see the results on their phone once voting has closed so their screen will no longer have the poll options there. Once voting is closed the results (only if you click “show results”) will then appear on their phone.

Let us know if this helps, or you have any other questions.


Can I see live results but by team or group? So people answer a question beforehand listing their team and then following polls show the question result based on their grouping

Hi, how do we make it so the responses to a poll appear in order from the top response being the first and the bottom response being the latest. ie, we see poll responses in order from top to bottom? Thanks

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Hi @fannyquddusnicot

There isn’t a way to customize polls like this, when the Poll results are shown, it will display all of the options to participants. 

A workaround for you that could work well, depending on the type of poll you are running, would be to facilitate a ranking poll. Ranking polls allow participants to drag and drop responses in a Slido poll in order of importance, which sounds like it could be good for your use case! 

Hope this helps! 


Hello! Is there a way to present all results at the end of a poll? 

I see there is an option “present single poll” but I can’t find an option to present entire poll. 


Hey @rayfun,

I guess you mean Survey here, results form that can be only presented in a way as you say, by single polls. 

We have this feature called “share Analytics” which would allow you to create a link with the Survey results and your participants can take a look on those there, would that help? 

Here’s how it works.


Thank you, yes, I meant sharing the results of the survey once the multiple polls are done. 
The share analytics is a nice feature to have, thank you for highlighting that.

Can I add a feature request where the survey results are summed up in one page without clicking on each individual poll result, either via a webpage or a PowerPoint slide (via the PPT plug in)?

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Hey @rayfun ,

Of course, thank you for sharing your ideas with us! We will submit this as a feature request.

Let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions!


Hello - is there a way to show poll results with the Slido app in Webex? My participants can see Q&A, but aren’t able to see other poll results in the Webex window (“Hide Results” is not checked).

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Hey @gmcvx8 ,

When you activate a Poll, there will be controls at the bottom where you can then display the results of the poll.

You can find more about using Slido in Webex here. If you are still experiencing issues please reach out to so we can help troubleshoot better.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


Is there a way to show multiple poll results on one PowerPoint slide? 

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Hello @ahern,

it is possible to use our Powerpoint integration that would allow you to integrate Slido multiple poll with the results directly in your Powerpoint presentation. 

On Slido survey, does everyone in the meeting need to submit their survey (ranking, word cloud, etc.) in order for them to see all the results? 

I am facilitating a Slido survey with a couple of my leaders. We only want to record the results of the “focus group participants,” - not the leaders. The leaders do not respond to the survey. However, when we put a Slido question up (example - ranking), the leaders cannot see the results. The only ones who can see the results are the focus group participants and me, the owner of the slide survey. 

Is there a setting on Slido where even those who don’t participate can still see the live results during the session? 

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Hello @Diana Keene Graham,

this is correct in case you want to show the results for everyone then for live meetings Present mode of Slido would need to be showed on the screen. For virtual meetings I would recommend sharing that mode with participants via screen-share option. 

Here is an article showing how to launch Present mode of Slido: