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Add branding and custom colors to your event

  • 29 April 2024
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the old interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


Uploading your own logo and colours to both Participant and Present mode allows you to customize the look of your event and match it with your branding. It's also possible to display partner or sponsor logos in Present mode.


Available in our Professional plan and higher.

In this article:


Add logos


Whether you’re running a team meeting, town hall or a big conference, you can brand your event with a logo. To give exposure to your sponsors or partners, you can also upload theirs.

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Customization
  3. Upload your picture in Branding

We recommend using an aspect ratio of 1.15 : 1 for the event logos. A great example would be an image 250 px wide and 217 px high.



You can choose to hide or display the white background behind your logo. This works only for transparent pictures.

Partner and sponsor logos


You can add more than one partner or sponsor logo. All uploaded pictures will rotate at the bottom of Present mode:




Pro tip: Ask your design team to create a banner with a white background and multiple logos aligned on it, that you can upload in branding settings. 


Recommended aspect ratios and size of the banner:

  • For 4:3 banner with resolution of 922 : 178 px / size should be 5.15 (W) to 1 (H)
  • For 16:9 banner with resolution of 1732 : 178 px / size should be 9.73 (W) to 1 (H)


This space is also a great way of sharing information with your audience - be it WiFi instructions or disclaimers.


Here's how it displays in Present mode:



Partner and sponsor logos will be displayed in Present mode only. 


Add custom colors and background to Present mode


Visuals are powerful. Choose a colour theme from our Gallery or select your own. You can use a color code or simply pick a color from the palette:

  1. In Customization, select Present mode - Custom
  2. Enter your colors
  3. Upload your own image if preferred


This is what the customized Present mode looks like on the screen:




Customize Participant mode


To adjust the look of the event for your participants:

  1. In Customization, select Participant mode
  2. Enter your colors
  3. Enable Welcome screen for additional logo exposure



Welcome screen appears after your participants enter the event code. Open the incognito mode in your browser to test how it displays in case you tested your event as a participant before you enabled it in settings. 


This is how branding applies to Participant mode:


file.php?view=Y&file=qqht4sx613yjsfo8yq8fjkbx5bgnvzjw.png file.php?view=Y&file=x0ftxew1b700vnnuyx3vrkdqjuh1zien.png
file.php?view=Y&file=0vxkfg1leq9v404nrqvq2n3vq9agkzrl.png file.php?view=Y&file=wfy8sz97ij9hj58zkeiaw4iyqqc65hbz.png


Useful tips:


Tip 1: Test your event right from your Admin

Click the Participant mode button on the left to interact with your event as a participant directly from the Admin mode. You can test your polls, pre-seed questions and see all the functionality in action.

You can open the Present mode on another tab or on another computer to see the changes live as you would during the live event.



Tip 2: Change the number of Questions displayed in Present mode

If you'd like to display more questions, disable Latest question, or show only one question in Present mode, you can do so in the Audience Q&A section in Customization - Present mode.


Tip 3: Share files with your participants

If you'd like to share event materials with your participants for them to open in their devices, save them online to drive or on your website, and add the links in the Participant mode part in Customization settings.

Tip 4: Using Dark mode

A current limitation to consider if you are using custom colors is that this will not show if your Slido is set to dark mode.

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