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  • 24 August 2020
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version

If you don't want to receive any new questions, you can close your Q&A. While your participants won't be able to submit any new questions, you can still display and discuss the ones which have already been asked.

Close Q&A questions

  1. Hover over Q&A under My interactions
  2. Click the red lock icon
  3. Select Close Q&A to confirm
    Close Q&A questions

    At this point, participants can view and upvote questions, but cannot ask more.

To reopen your Q&A, simply click the lock icon again

Close Q&A voting


Available in Professional and Higher plans

After a Q&A session is closed, you can also choose to close the voting. This makes it so no one can upvote or downvote any of the questions.

To close Q&A voting:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Select Features > Audience Q&A
  3. Toggle the Close voting option
    Close Q&A voting

    Participants will still see the Q&A, but with a disclaimer reading, “Questions and voting closed.”

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