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  • 24 August 2020
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


Slido is multilingual and offers 40 languages to choose from. Scroll down for the full list.


The language you select will affect the Slido interface in Present mode and on participants' devices. Your Host view will remain in English.


To set the language you need for your meeting or event:

  1. Go to Settings
  2. Under Basic information, click on Show additional settings
  3. Select the Language option to change your selection
  4. Click Save


Pro tip: To see how Slido will look in your newly selected language, click the View as participant button in the lower right corner.



Available languages:

  • English (US)
  • Arabic
  • Bulgarian
  • Catalan
  • Chinese (simplified)
  • Chinese (traditional)
  • Croatian
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English (British)
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French (France)
  • French (Canadian)
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hebrew
  • Hungarian
  • Indonesian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Norwegian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese (Portugal)
  • Portuguese (Brazil)
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Serbian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish (Spain)
  • Spanish (Latin America)
  • Swedish
  • Turkish
  • Ukranian
  • Vietnamese


Are we missing your preferred language? If you’d like to help us with the translation, contact us. We'd be happy to add yours!




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9 replies

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Hey @CPH127 ,

Are you referring to the text box that says “Type your Question”?

If you could reach out to we can see what customizations might be available. 

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Is it possible to change the wording in the  Q&A template?
I would very much like the ability for the audience to write an initiative for our company and then everybody should be able to upvote the initiatives they like, so we could identify the top initiatives..
How do I do this?
Please help

I never had to change the language settings of Slido. I held a session for a Dutch audience. I noticed that the output was changed to English. I would like to change the output back to Dutch/Netherlands. How can I do this

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Hey @Mike,

We do not have this option at the moment, but participants can change the language of their participant view through their participant profile. Alternatively, if you reach out to our customer care team at, they might be able to set up a prompt that asks participants to select their language before entering the event.

Hope this helps 🙏  Let me know if you have any further questions!

Would there be a way of utilising the Navigator.language to detect the users browser’s native language, and if that language is supported, auto select that display language? If unsupported language just keep with default selected language?

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Hi @Anthony N.,

Thank you for your comment.

We’re able to apply such customization on our end - apologies that this isn’t more user friendly at the moment.

Please feel free to send us an email to and we’ll take it from there.



The system can’t automatically translate questions coming in, that’s fine, but there’s no way for an attendee to at least be able to select their preferred language for the interface that they see?

It seems very limiting to have to select a single language for all users.  I am based in Canada and having a mix of English and French speakers would not be out of the question.  For French users, at least being able to select the language for the User Interface would help.

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Hi @alisonlam,


Thanks for your questions! Unfortunately, we currently don’t support in-app automatic translation based on your preferred language but it’s definitely a cool idea, thanks for the suggestion. :)


Regarding your second question - both our Q&A and word cloud can accept any language at all times, regardless of your chosen language. So, for instance, you can have people submitting questions (or answers in a word cloud) in English, Arabic, German, Spanish… at the same time.


I hope that helps.




Hi, may i know if we can have multi languages on the same questions which responds to our website setup?  For example, when the moderator posts a question on slido, can your system smartly change to different language when the participants change the language menu on our webcast website? 

Moreover, can the Q&A and word cloud function accept answer in different languages, and display the answers in different languages when the moderator post a question in English?