Get participants' names and emails and see who voted in polls

  • 24 August 2020
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


To find out who asked a question or voted, simply enable the option to require their names when they join. You can even require an email address as well. Or if you are only interested in the names of those who voted in polls, you can ask them for their credentials using a survey.


To see who got the most questions right in a quiz, there's no need to set anything up. Participants are always asked to add their names automatically when joining.


In this article:



Ask for name and/or email via Settings


To enable capturing names and/or emails, follow these simple steps:

  1. From your slido, go to Settings
  2. Select the Privacy tab on the left
  3. Click the toggle to turn on Require authentication
  4. Toggle on Require name and/or Require email address and hit Save
Require name and email from participants


With this enabled, you can see participant names next to submitted questions and open text poll responses. Plus both names and email addresses will be included in your exports.


If a participant tries to join a slido multiple times with the same email address, we’ll send them a verification email to confirm their identity. This is in order to prevent cases of email or identity abuse.



How it works for participants


Participants are asked to enter their name and/or email address before joining your slido.


Requiring name and email


By default, participants can still submit questions and poll responses anonymously – even if you require name and email. However if you do not want any anonymous participation, you can:

  • Ask participants directly not to use the anonymous option
  • Prevent anonymity by adjusting the Participant privacy settings to always require name (available in Professional and higher plans)


Once your slido is finished, you can go to the Analytics section and download an export of your results. Or you can share the Analytics with your team via a public share link.



Ask for name/email via a survey


Surveys can include a simple 'What's your name?' and/or 'What's your email?' open text poll at the beginning. This way, you’re easily able to identify any responses you collect.


See below how you can create a survey that asks for participants’ name and email.


Ask for name/email via a survey


And this is how your participants will see it.


Participant view of survey


Remember that you can also display the participant’s name next to their responses in open text polls




Learn more:


15 replies

With what's going on in todays world we are looking to use Slido at the firehouse as a mechanism for everyone to vote for the officers in the annual company meeting. However I’m trying to figure out a way, if someone can enter their name so I can verify who is voting. For company meetings we only allow full active members to participate in votes. for an example probationary members would be in the meeting just not allowed to vote. Is there a way to do this?

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Hi @Harrison36LVFD,


With our paid plans, it is possible to ask participants to enter their names when joining the event. Once the meeting is over, you can export poll results per user and see who’s voted (and how). That said, I believe that for your use case this isn’t an ideal solution as it seems that you’d need that information in real-time and not post-event. 

With Slido, once someone joins an event, they’re able to freely interact with it - it isn’t possible to limit some people from voting while others not. One other possible solution is to protect the event with a passcode (also available with our paid plans) and only share it with the people who are allowed to vote (or create a separate event for them dedicated only to voting). 

I hope this helps at least a bit. Feel free also to check our Pricing page, if interested.


Best wishes,


Hi There,

If i turn on the registration for the event to include the email and name of the participant, how can i see this as a live updated list so that i know we have an audience that’s enrolled?

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Hi @Darren E Cowley 👋

If you would like to see the participants entering your event live the best way would be run na survey. 

Once your participants enter, you’ll be able to see in the admin in real time as they submit their e-mails and name. A short survey with two questions something like this. 

While the registration is setup before your participants enter, you’ll be able to see their inputs only after exporting the results. It won’t work if you want to have an updated live list. 

Let me know what you think about the suggested option. 


Hi @Francesca yes that’s pretty much what we do now, but it’s a repeat of what they’ve already entered to log in as the first log in has validation on email etc and is reported on separately so is much more useful.

It’d be a awesome feature to give admin a live updated list of who had logged onto a session just like Kahoot does, that way we would know when to progress! 




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Hi @Darren E Cowley

Gotcha! Thanks for sharing. 

Totally understand how such a feature would be helpful.

Nothing more I can do at the moment, but happily passing on your feedback to our product team!

If anything else comes up that you find is missing in Slido, let us know. We gather all feedback and insights from our users. 

Thank you!



it is possible to associate a predefined category to each participant in a vote

each participant should indicate the category they belong. 

I need to filter the results by single category


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Hi @ilmarna,

You could run a multiple choice poll with the categories as the options and then run your other polls. When you’ve finished collecting responses, you would need to export ‘Poll results by user’. This connects individual participants’ responses across all polls and you could filter their responses from other polls based on their response in the multiple choice poll within the exported Excel sheet

Hope this helps :)

Thank you Meggie!!!

Hello, I have tried the first method there, but enabling the require authentication > basic > require name, but it is unfortunately to no avail.


I tried it myself and asked my friends to fill their names before submitting their responses, and when I extracted the results, the responses still showed anonymous. :(

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Hi @Ded

I’m sorry to hear your having trouble. For us to take a closer look, could you reach out to ? 

They will be able to dig deeper here. 

Let me know if you have any more questions.



I have set up my slido to collect names and emails but unfortunately I can not see the names or emails in results. Where can I see this information without exporting?

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Hello @Lilian,

for the polls the names and e-mails can be reviewed only via exporting of the data as there is not much space in the present view to see every name/e-mail for each vote.

Do you have any specific use-case why you would need to see the names and e-mails live? 


I use Slido in Webex and would like to see names of the voters in the poll results. I have them for the “Open Text” answer, but not for the Multiple choice, etc. I know I can export the results into Excel to see it, but it would be very helpful to see it when I hover the answer in the results on the website.


Thank you


Hey @vaclavbrunnhofer,

Thank you for your suggestion, we will mark it as a product request. 

For now we do not have such an option.

In case you’d need anything else, please let us know. We’re happy to help!