Set up Multiple rooms in your slido

  • 24 August 2020
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


The Multiple rooms feature allows you to create different ‘rooms’ within your slido – each having their own separate polling and Q&A. When organizing an event with parallel tracks or multiple training sessions throughout the day, setting up multiple rooms will help divide your content.


Participants can even switch between different rooms depending on which session or meeting they’re attending.


Available in Professional and higher plans


In this article:



Create rooms


To create multiple rooms in a slido:

  1. Open up your Settings
  2. Select Multiple rooms
  3. Add and rename as many rooms as you need – then hit Save

There is a limit of 200 rooms per slido, but we recommend keeping the number much lower to provide a better experience for participants.


Create your multiple rooms


If you ever need to delete a room, simply click the trash icon next to it.


Keep in mind that deleting a room will also delete all of its data (poll responses, Q&A questions, etc.). To ensure you don't lose anything, we recommend deactivating the room instead. The data will stay safe but the room will no longer be visible to your audience.



Activate and deactivate rooms


To minimize the number of rooms for your participants to choose from, you can activate or deactivate them at any point. For example, if you have specific afternoon sessions, there’s no need to have them activated throughout the morning.


In your Settings, use the toggle button next to each room in order to activate or deactivate them. You can also drag and drop the rooms to rearrange their order.


Activating and deactivating rooms in Slido



Manage rooms


Each room has its own set of Interactions. Select which room to manage using the dropdown menu in the upper right corner.


Switching between different rooms


Pro tip: If you’re running multiple sessions at the same time, use co-hosts to help facilitate. Co-hosts are free to add and can help manage the polling and Q&A in your different rooms.


How to change rooms in Present mode


Present mode is the best way to display your polling and Q&A for all to see. If your slido has multiple rooms active, the room that’s being displayed will be shown at the top.


To change rooms, click on the current room and select another one.


Changing rooms from Present mode




Get the permanent link for a specific room


If needed, you can generate a unique permanent link for both the Present and Participant modes from each of your rooms.


Present mode permanent link

To get the permanent link for a specific room’s Present mode:

  1. Select your desired room
  2. Open its Present mode by selecting Present in the bottom right
  3. Copy the Present mode URL
Get the permanent link for Present mode


If you need to copy a different room’s Present mode link, simply change the room. The URL will change accordingly.


Participant mode permanent link

Getting a permanent link for a specific room’s Participant mode is useful if you want your audience to immediately join a desired room.


To generate the link, follow the above steps for getting a Present mode link. Then simply replace with


Example Present mode link:

Example Participant mode link:



Tips and reminders


  • Settings apply for all rooms
    You and your co-hosts can manage each room and its content separately. However, it is not possible to differentiate settings between rooms. For example, if you enable Moderation in one room, it will be on in all rooms. This applies for all settings.
  • Embed a specific room to your website
    If ever necessary, you can embed a specific room’s Present or Participant mode into your website. Viewers will be directed straight to your desired room. For detailed steps, check out our guide for embedding a specific room to your website.
  • Analyze and export your data afterwards
    From your Analytics tab, you can analyze and export all questions and poll results from specific rooms or your entire slido. Simply choose the format that works best for you (PDF, XLS, Google Sheet).




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24 replies

Hi there, this is all easy to use but I have a request/ suggestion: I am a conference producer and though I run through slido with moderators in advance -  they always appreciate doing so again on the day with their slido iPad in hand. It would be great if we could set up a room that wasn't public, a slido training room as such where I can submit questions and show them how to moderate without the audience being able to access it. At the moment we have to do it whist live sessions are on and this stops the moderators from being able to select questions, archive them etc. It also caused me to interrupt a screen on stage with a poll as when I switched it on it interrupted to Q&A on the big screen… or does this function exist and I am missing it?!

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Hi @Olivia Ryan-Hill,

This sounds like a pretty neat feature - especially for testing things during an event! 😊

Unfortunately, you’re right, it’s not something that works in Slido right now. I wish I had a workaround for you to try but the only thing I can think of is to try everything out in the morning before the event, or during breaks but I do realize it’s not the best approach. 

Alternatively, you can try setting up a test event, this would be another event that won’t be connected to the main one and can be used for trainings and testing without anything going live to all the participants of the conference. It can also be set up as a hidden event so that only your moderators will have access for testing. In this case though, it is very important to make sure that everyone is aware that it is just for testing and not the real thing to avoid confusion.

Thank you so much for sharing this with us, I’ll make sure to submit this as a feature request to our product team and keep you updated! 


Please let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with and keep the feedback coming, we really appreciate it! 

Hi, is it possible to request a change in how this functionality is labelled within an event?

We want to use Rooms to separate out 3 different Q&A lists, so users can choose which “list” they submit their question into, before the different Q&A sessions run.  Can our event say “Select list” rather than “Select room?”

Before you ask - We can’t circulate different links, as we’re doing the event on Hopin, so the view is embedded and can only display one URL - hence the need for using the Rooms functionality.

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Hi @Simon - Autumn Live,

We can definitely customize this for you!

The best and fastest way to do this, is to reach out to our Customer Support at, explain your use case, let them know which event you’d like this to be applied to, and they can get this done for you 😊 

Let me know if there’s anything else that I can help you with!


Is it possible to copy all Live Polls from one room to another room?

We need all the same questions/Live polls i 3 rooms but in diffrent orders

Thanks in advance

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Hi @Anna S,

Yes, you can duplicate polls from one room to another. Simply select your polls, click on Duplicate and then select the room.

Hope this helps :) 

If I have multiple separate rooms, asking the same question, say ‘What is your favourite thing about work?’ does it also aggregate into one view so in the breakout conversation people see their group only, but after when we come back as a plenary we see the whole picture?

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Hey @Adam Bower,

No, participants are always able to switch to another room and you can’t see the results of all rooms at once. However, you could export your results and combine results from all rooms that way.

Hope this helps :)


I have an event that will take place in 2 locations (parallel sessions) at the same time, one at an auditorium and the second one in a multipurpose room:

  1. Should I create 1 event with 2 rooms? Presenters will broadcast the event with the room location that they are presenting from so questions will go to the proper event room.

Room 1  Auditorium

Room 2  Multipurpose room

  1. Or should I create 2 different events to avoid confusion? Presenters will broadcast the event on their slides when presenting so questions will go to the proper event location.


#XYZMPR (multipurpose room)

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If your presenters are presenting the same content, I think you’d be good to go ahead and create multiple rooms. You can even create a permanent link to your rooms for presenters and participants.

However, to avoid confusion in your participants, creating two separate events might be better for your use case and you can make sure that they have the QR code for each event to get into the event easily and switch between them. 

Let me know if you have any questions! the customer care team can be reached at if you need any further assistance, or through Slido admin. 

I want to have 1 room open during a plenary session, and then later, close the plenary room, and open 5x breakout rooms. 

When I tried this out, I closed the plen room and opened up 5 breakouts, and I wanted it to ask me which breakout I wanted to go into, but it put me automatically into the first of the breakouts. 


Is there a way of not letting delegates into a breakout room without asking them which one? OR do I need to leave the plenary room open and make sure delegates do move, rather than booting them all out? 

If I wish to run a webinar with multiple groups, can I run a survey in a manner that each of the groups have their own 'tag' so that the answers can be automatically correlated by group? 

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Hey @Simon-LAN,

Yes, you could create a room for each group and then duplicate the survey to each room. Then simply tell participants to join their rooms and when you export the results, you’ll be able to see how different groups voted.

Hope this helps! :)

That's great. Thanks Meggie. Do I need a paid version to do that?

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Hey @Simon-LAN,

Yes, you would need the paid version. If you’re on the free plan, you could instead create an event for each group.

Hope this helps :)

In the “Multiple Rooms” option - I will have 5-10 people in one room at different times during the day.  If I set up a quiz specifically for that room, and have the 5-10 people take it as they finish that room, can it keep a running tally all day of people who participated?  (I.e. - each group changes rooms each hour.  They will have all taken the same quiz from that presenter at the end of their hour session).  And if this is possible, I would need an administrator running the quiz at the end of each hour?  

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Hi @tania.kiedinger

Quizzes are not designed to run asynchronously and need a host/admin to run them live so yes, you would need an administrator and you would need to reuse the quiz or duplicate so your previous participants answers aren’t lost. 

You could also run a survey, which doesn’t need an administrator. 

Hope this helps!

Hi, I want to buy a 1-time event and, in this event, spanning 2 days I have 5 sessions that would require Slido. Can any one-time event package cover that?

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Hi @Shubhra

Yes you can do this over 2 days and set up 5 sessions. So we can learn a little more about your requirements for this one-time plan, our customer care team would be happy to help! 

You can reach them via our live chat or by emailing

Hope this helps!

Hi there,

I am planning on hosting an event with 2 rooms in a single event.

It’s an hybrid event with live audience and online viewers so I would like to add a livestream iFrame.

Will it be possible to provide individual embedded livestreams for each created room, so the participants can switch the livestream and Q&A with one click?

Thank you for your support (:

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Hey @dominikhs ,

It is possible to embed specific rooms into a livestream. You can find how to do this from this help article.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


We need to run one presentation with 4 different types of participant (living in different geographic areas). What we would like is to have votes for each area that can be seen separately and grouped.

My idea is to make a presentation, duplicate them for the 4 rooms and to have a different QR code for each area, I want the presentation to be held within PowerPoint. The 4 QR codes will be shown in the first slide

Am I missing something?

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Hello @EB-THR,

Slido offers QR code only per one event. So in case you would have Slido event with 4 multiple rooms your participants would join with one QR code and then they could choose which room they want to join for voting. 

However there are still some limits such as votes can be held only separately. It is not possible to group them. You could only export it in excel format and group them manually. Another limit is that Slido for Powerpoint integration allows you to connect only one multiple room with the powerpoint presentation. 

What could be working is using one Slido event connected to Powerpoint via our Slido integration (available only for Windows). One poll could have a question that ask from where your participants are joining. The rest of the polls could be activated for all. This way you would see grouped results live and for individual voting you could export the data and filter their responses according to the first question. 

One question: Is there a limit to the amount of rooms there can be for a given event?