How to use Slido for Google Slides

  • 24 August 2020
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Integrate Slido with Google Slides and start adding polls, quizzes, and Q&A directly to your presentation. You'll be able to display the results and audience questions on your slides in real time.



If you’re a Google Workspace Administrator looking to install the Slido add-on for your entire organization, check out our specific guide for that.


In this article: 


Install our add-on and open it


Please note: Add-ons for Google Slides are tied to specific Google accounts. For Slido polls to work, you need to be presenting from a Google account that has the Slido add-on installed.


See the steps below for adding and opening the Slido add-on. This will make the add-on available across all browsers and devices you use. 

  1. Install our add-on
  2. Click Extension, select Slido for Google Slides, and Open the sidebar
  3. Sign in if necessary, then choose a slido to work with or create a new one
Opening the Slido sidebar


Having trouble with the add-on? Scroll all the way down to find our troubleshooting guide.



Add our Slido extension to Chrome

For a seamless presenting experience, add our extension for Google Chrome along with the add-on. The extension is not required. However, it ensures that your animations, transitions, videos, and GIFs all work well when presenting.


Read more about the integration's limitations – some of which can be avoided by installing our Chrome extension.




Add live polls and Q&A to your presentation


Adding polls and displaying results:

Under New interaction, choose a poll type to add to your Google Slides presentation. When adding or editing a poll, you can choose how to display your poll results. If you don’t want to display the results to your audience, simply toggle off Show results. When it’s toggled on, you have two options for displaying the results:

  • Immediately The poll question and results are displayed in real time when presenting the slide.
  • On Click - The poll question is displayed first when presenting the slide. Advancing one more click displays the results.
Adding a poll and choosing how to display results


Polls are added as individual slides and they activate automatically as you present. This allows your audience to vote in real time.


Slido poll activating as you present


Adding Q&A:

Just like polls, adding Q&A creates a new slide. The Audience Q&A is open throughout your presentation, but the Q&A slide displays the questions directly while presenting.

With our Chrome Extension you can display the Q&A anytime you want by simply clicking the Slido button in the control bar.


Display Q&A directly from the control bar


Slido for Google Slides now offers an AI Quiz BETA feature for Basic users. It functions just like a standard Slido quiz, but is created in just seconds using AI. 



Change your Slido theme


Easily change the theme of Slido slides to match your presentation. You can add your custom colors or upload a background image directly from the sidebar.

  1. Click on the hamburger menu icon in the top left of the sidebar
  2. Select Customize
  3. Choose a theme from our gallery or click Edit to select custom colors or upload a background image



How to present with Slido


To start presenting your slideshow, remember to click the green Present button in the sidebar.


If you're using our Chrome extension, you can use the regular Google Slides Present button.


Tips for presenting:

  • Use images to add context to your poll questions. Select the image icon when creating or editing a poll to upload a picture from your desktop.
    Add an image to your poll

  • Use the Zoom in/out option when presenting. This can help display more responses without having to scroll – and you can find it under the Slido menu in the control bar.
    Zoom in/out while presenting


Ask your audience to join


Every Slido slide will display the slido code and QR code on the left side. To join your slido, participants can enter the slido code at or scan the QR code on their mobile devices. Once they join, they can interact with your polling and Q&A.


You can also pair our Google Slides integration with Webex, Zoom, or Microsoft Teams. This allows your meeting participants to join directly from their meeting window.


Pro tip: Add a Joining slide to your presentation. Joining slides display the joining instructions for Slido and that’s it. It’s great for introducing your audience to Slido and inviting them to participate.


Add a Joining slide






Slido settings are located under the hamburger menu in the top left corner of the sidebar. See the menu options below and learn how they can help get the most out of your presentation with Slido.


  • Copy joining link: This is a direct link for participants to join your slido. Copy and paste it wherever you need to.
  • Sharing settings: View and manage co-host access to your slido.
  • Customize: Change the theme for your Slido slides to match your presentation.
  • Advanced settings: This opens up your full settings at Here you can adjust more complex settings such as privacy or branding.
  • Download results: This opens up your Analytics at Here you can view and download your data.
  • Reset interactions: Use this option to reuse the same slido within the presentation. Poll results will be deleted and Q&A questions will be archived.
  • Duplicate Slido: Use this option when you’re using the same presentation with a new audience. This will create a new slido with the same polls attached to your slide deck. Your original polls and audience questions will still be available to you at under the original slido.
  • Get help: This opens up our Help Center.
  • Recent slidos: Select a different slido to use with your presentation.

It is currently not possible to unlink a slido from a Google Slides presentation, but you can reuse the slido or add a new one to your presentation.





Here is a list of the most common issues and how to fix them:

  • The sidebar says “Drive refuses to connect”.
    Solution: Log out of Chrome and log in again. Alternatively, you can try to use the same Google account in both Google Drive and Chrome.
  • I can’t see the add-on or I only see Help in the menu.
    Solution: Refresh the Google Slides presentation and make sure you’ve installed the add-on to the Google account that you use for presentations.
  • I opened my .pptx file in Google Slides, but I can’t see the add-on
    Solution: In Google Slides, create a “blank” presentation. Then, click File > Import Slides and Upload the preferred PowerPoint presentation from your computer. Then, select all slides you want to import to Google Slides. 
  • I can’t log in to the add-on. It just keeps loading.
    Solution: Create a new Google Slides presentation or Make a copy of the existing one and log in there.
  • The sidebar says the presentation is linked to another account and I can’t log in.
    Solution: Make a copy of the Google Slides presentation. Either someone else added Slido to the presentation or you did so under a different account.
  • I can’t install the Chrome extension to my account.
    Solution: Reach out to your IT administrator to help you with the installation and share with them this guide.


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12 replies

Hello ! My issue is the following one :


You do not have permission to call Session.getActiveUser. Required permissions:


Many thanks in advance !

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Hi @Doris , 

This looks related to a temporary issue we had with Google Slides yesterday that is now fixed. If you refresh the slides, you shouldn’t have any more issues with the sidebar.

If you are still having issues, I would recommend getting in touch with our amazing customer care team. You can start a live chat from, or alternatively, get in touch at

Hope this helps!

Hi everyone

I have a Google Slides presentation including a slido which I have used many times. A couple of days ago I could suddenly no longer connect. When I try to open the sidebar I get the message: “Something went wrong. Try to close and open the sidebar again.”

I’ve tried to reinstalling Slido, making new slideshows and so on but nothing works. I’ve also used the tool and everything is fine. 

Has anyone else had this happen before or have an idea what to do?

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Could you try the Google Slides troubleshooting? If this still doesn’t work, I would advise getting in touch with our customer care team at, they’ll be able to dig a little deeper here. 

Let me know if you have any questions! 

Is it possible to moderate poll results with the Slido extension for Google Slides? I’ve have issues with students posting inappropriate responses. I’d like to be able to view and delete responses before displaying them. 

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Hi @Ambergrant7

Apologies for the late reply, we must have missed this! 

Whilst you are unable to moderate poll answers, you can use moderation for Q&A’s on some of our paid plans. 

A work around to prevent inappropriate answers when using polls, would be to use a ranking, rating or multiple choice poll, as the participants cannot submit an open text answer. 

Hope this helps! 


I have installed Slido and added the extension to Chrome.  When I click the add on button, the side bar with initiate, but nothing shows up on the menu.  I’ve never seen this before, so I’m wondering how I can troubleshoot. 




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Hi @nylulu73

I’m sorry to hear about your issue. For us to be able to look into this, could you reach out to our customer care team with any screenshots to or through live chat from We can then work with you to find a solution. 


Is it possible to not deactivate a poll when you click off its slide? For example, our last poll is the meeting feedback, but we have a few slides to present after we activate that poll. But moving onto the next slide automatically deactivates it.

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Hey @Victor Tey ,

You would need to reactivate it from in the event to allow it to remain active. When Slido is integrated into Presentation decks, it will automatically disable the poll when leaving the Slido interaction Slide.

Let us know if this helps!




I bought the one-time plan for USD80, but on google slides it still does not allow me to create more than 3 polls. Could someone please help?

I have logged out and logged back in but still does not work


Hey @jesstangwgsn,

I’m sorry to hear that! 

Usually this happens when the slido you have connected to your Google Slides is either:

1, Created by someone else and you’re collaborating on it

2, Created before you bought the plan.

I’d recommend creating a new slido and linking that to your Google Slides presentation. 

If you still have issues, please open a chat with us on and we will be able to help you in real time.