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  • 8 July 2021
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You can use Slido live polling and Q&A directly in Webex Meetings with our seamless integration. Slido is also available in Webex Webinars.

This guide helps anyone in the Webex meeting to launch Slido and run polls and Q&A - whether your’re a host, participant, facilitator or a cohost.


All Webex customers with paid plans (except FedRAMP) can now use the full Slido functionality which corresponds with Slido Enterprise plan

Slido analytics are now available in Webex Control Hub. 


Slido in Webex sidebar


To see if Slido will be available for you in Webex Meetings, check the requirements and current limitations: 

Essential Requirements
  • Slido needs to be approved and enabled in the Webex Control Hub by a full Webex admin
  • Webex App version 41.6 or later or Webex Suite meeting platform
  • The following domains need to be allowed in your network firewall:,, *,, *,
Current Limitations of the Webex and Slido integration
  • Slido in Webex is available for hosts or participants launching Slido on Webex Meetings desktop app on Windows or macOS. 
  • Internet Explorer 11 is not supported
  • Space meetings are not supported yet
  • Webex shared devices and personal devices for hosts are not supported yet
  • Not available for FedRAMP and end-to-end encrypted meetings
  • Ideas feature is not available in the Slido integration in Webex


If you’re an IT admin, you can start with Integrate Slido with Webex (for admins) article first. 


In this article:


Follow the steps below or watch the video guide: 


Start your Webex meeting and open Slido

You can access Slido directly in your Webex meeting, regardless of whether it’s a scheduled meeting or an ad-hoc meeting using your Personal Meeting Room.

Once you’re in a Webex meeting:

  1. Click the Apps button in the bottom right corner or navigate to the three horizontal dots
  2. Select Slido
  3. Choose your existing Slido or create a new one

This will open a Slido sidebar where you can set everything up and control Slido as the Host of the meeting. 

Opening Slido in Webex


If you want to prepare your Slido in advance, go to and use your Webex credentials to log in. Once you create your Slido, you can set up everything prior to your meeting. 

Facilitators, cohosts or other meeting participants can start Slido in somebody else’s meeting, if the host did not launch Slido first. 

To learn more about competencies of different roles in Webex and Slido, read the following article:


Add your polls

To start, click the + Add button and choose a poll type you wish to use. Then, add your question and options (if applicable).

You can decide whether you want to show poll results for your participants once they voted, or reveal them later. To adjust the poll settings click the gear icon.

Your poll is saved instantly, so you can Launch it immediately by clicking the green button at the bottom. Or, go back to your list of polls to create more.

Creating a Slido poll in Webex

If you want to ask multiple questions at once, choose a Survey from the list of polls.

To add another question to your existing poll, click the three dots and select ‘convert to Survey and then ‘+’. You can also name your survey. 


Creating a Slido survey in Webex by adding another question to an existing poll

Need to reorder the polls in your survey? Simply drag and drop them. 


Launch and manage your polls

Once you’re ready to launch a poll, click the Launch icon next to it. 

Click the three dots next to a poll to access its additional actions, such as Edit, Duplicate or Delete.

You can then use the buttons at the bottom to hide or reveal results, close voting or deactivate the poll completely.

Running a Slido poll in Webex


Add Audience Q&A

Use the + Add button to add your Q&A. It’s then open for your participants to ask questions.  

Adding Q&A in Webex


To change settings, go to the Q&A in My interactions list and click the gear icon. If you want to review incoming questions before making them appear live for everyone to see, you can turn on Moderation. You can also allow Replies to let anyone respond to the questions.

Changing Q&A settings in Webex


Manage Audience Q&A

If you’re not using moderation, all submitted questions will automatically appear in the Audience Q&A interaction in your sidebar and on participants’ devices. 

With moderation, you can either Approve or Dismiss incoming questions will appear once you click the In review filter.

You can Highlight the question that’s being addressed so that everyone is on the same page. Afterwards, you can Mark it as answered, which will move it into the Archive tab, leaving room for other unanswered questions.

Managing Slido Q&A in Webex

To help you activate polls and manage Q&A, your cohosts can automatically request access to your Slido which you just need to approve. If you want to add someone who’s not a cohost to your Slido, continue to Add a collaborator to help you manage Slido part of this article. 


Adjust Slido settings


You can edit the name and password for your Slido, change participant privacy preferences, enable replies for Q&A, or turn off polls in Slido settings. 

To access Slido settings in Webex sidebar: 

  1. Click the hamburger menu icon
  2. Open Settings 

General settings will show by default. To expand Privacy and Polls, simply click on the option and select your preference. For more options, click Advanced settings at the bottom. A pop-up window will appear. 


Accessing Slido settings in Webex

Follow the article below to find more details on all Slido settings:


Add a collaborator to help you manage Slido

You can add a colleague from the same Webex organization to help you moderate the Q&A and run polls.

To do so:

  1. Use the  ‘Login with Webex’ option at and enter your Webex credentials
  2. Select the Slido you want to add someone to
  3. Go to Event Settings > Share Access and type in the email address of the collaborator
  4. Click ‘Invite

Once the Webex meeting is live, they’ll see Slido admin under Apps > Slido. 


During the meeting, cohosts can request Slido access in the Webex sidebar. 

For a detailed guide on both cases, follow the article below:



Display Slido Present mode

If you wish to display Slido Q&A or live polling in a bigger format than just in the sidebar in your Webex meeting, you can open Slido Present mode.

To access Slido Present mode: 

  1. Go to, click ‘Login with Webex’ and enter your Webex credentials
  2. Select your Slido
  3. Once you’re in, click the green ‘Present’ button in the upper right corner.

This will open the Slido Present mode in your browser and you can then Share your browser screen in Webex to display it to your attendees.

Opening Slido Present mode


Displaying the Present mode is also useful if you want to share Slido joining instructions for those who can’t interact with Slido directly in the Webex meeting client.



How it works for the participants



Once you launch a poll, Slido sidebar will automatically pop up for your participants, inviting them to submit their votes. If you’re showing poll results, participants can see them after they submit their vote.

Voting in a Slido poll as a participant


Audience Q&A

If you’re using Q&A, your participants can simply submit their questions either anonymously or with their names. They can also upvote the questions they like which have been submitted by someone else. 

If you highlight a question, this will move it to the top of the list and show it highlighted in blue for the audience.

Submitting a question as a participant


Export your data after the meeting and view analytics

If you wish to export the poll results or Q&A submissions once your meeting is over, just go to the hamburger menu in the Slido sidebar and click Download results > Export > Download export and select your preferred format. 


Downloading Slido results

You can also explore your analytics data and to find out participant engagement, questions sentiment and poll results. If you want to share the data with your leadership or participants, click Share Analytics > select your data > copy link


View engagement analytics


Follow the article below for more details about Slido exports: 



Frequently Asked Questions: 

Can Slido be used in Webex Webinars? 
Yes, Slido is available for Webex Webinars with up to 10,000 attendees. Quizzes can be used by up to 5,000 participants with webinars. Webcast view for more than 10,000 attendees only supports multiple choice poll, rating poll and Q&A. Hosts need to use Webex desktop app when running the webinar with Slido.

Follow the article below for detailed guide on how to use Slido with Webex Webinars: 



Explore more Webex resources

Visit our Resources page to browse use cases, Starter Kit, gifs, tutorials for running Slido and your presentation alongside Webex and more.



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7 replies

We would like to hold a hybrid townhall meeting and embed slido via Webex. Is it still possible to create a QR code if the Q&A is generated within Webex? This would then allow physically present participants to also join. 


Thank you in advance. 


Best regards


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Hi @Ally,

Yes, you can still generate a QR code even if the event is in Webex. To get the code, you just need to go to and log in with your Webex credentials and open the event connected to your meeting. You can then display the QR code in Present mode or you can download it.

Good luck with your townhall and let me know if you need anything else 🤗

How much does this cost?

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Hi @matt koupal,

To use Slido in Webex, you need a paid Webex plan. You can find the pricing of Webex plans here.

Hope this helps 🙂 Let me know if you need anything else!

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Hi @vikramsaikumar

I’m not sure I understand what you mean here, could you explain what you mean by poll passwords? 

If you mean event codes, you are able to change these in admin to access your Slido event. 

Hope this makes sense! I would recommend contacting our customer care team by reaching out at, they will be able to dig a little deeper with your issue. 


Using pre made quizzes in Webex: 

Hi can you please post the link with instructions on how to save a quiz in Slido prior to the webex meeting – then launch that quiz? 

I want to reset the same quiz and have it ready for use again for additional webex meetings. 

So far it does not allow me to relaunch the old quiz in a new webex meeting. 



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Hey @Celia Trubey ,

When you create the Slido with the Quiz, could you check the event dates are lasting long enough for you to use it in your next meetings?

When you’re in your Webex meeting and open Slido, it will show the currently active Slido’s you have, so if the event dates for the Slido have passed, it wouldn’t show up. 

If this isnt the case, could you please reach out to so we can help troubleshoot?