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  • 24 August 2020
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To start using polls and Q&A you need to create an event first. Once you’ve created an event, you can add quizzes, polls, surveys, ideas, and set up audience questions.

Here’s a quick how-to video:


In this article:


Before creating a Slido event, you need to sign up or log in to your account at If you have a Webex license, use the Sign up/Log in with Webex option. 


Create your first event

If this is your first time using Slido

  1. In the Events tab, click Create Slido
  2. When the pop-up appears, pick the dates and name for your Slido event 
  3. Click Create Slido
Creating a new Slido event

You can now create polls, quizzes, set up your Q&A and test everything before your meeting or event starts.  


Create your second event

If you’ve already got events in your account, click on New Slido in the top right corner to create another Slido event:

Creating additional Slido


Set up your event settings

If you want to adjust your Slido event setup, go to event Settings by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner.

Then you’ll be able to:


Accessing Slido settings


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