Slido Switcher: Switch between Slido and your presentation

  • 24 August 2020
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Switcher for Mac or Windows is a free desktop app that allows you to seamlessly integrate Slido with your slides or any other presentation formats such as Prezi, Keynote, PDF or Microsoft's Office 365.


It is especially useful if you're a solo presenter or using only one computer. Using Switcher, you can display Slido polling and Q&A on your computer using another device as a remote control.


Switcher is free. You can download it here and use it with all our plans.


In this article:


Watch video guide for Switcher or follow the step-by-step tutorial below:



General requirements

To make sure Switcher runs smoothly, make sure you have the minimum version of your operating system installed:

MS Windows macOS
  • Windows 10 2004 or newer
  • .NET Framework 4.6.2
  • macOS 11 or higher



Set up Switcher


  1. Download and launch Switcher on the computer which you want to use for presenting
  2. Sign in to your account and select your slido


Check the Switcher troubleshooting article if you have issues downloading or running Switcher on your computer.


Switcher view on desktop




Start your presentation


If you’re using multiple screens, Switcher will function on the screen that’s set as the primary one for Mac and on the secondary one for Windows.


You can now open your slides and start presenting on fullscreen.


Use another device as remote control


With Switcher running on your computer, log in to your Slido account on another device such as a smartphone or tablet. You can think of this device as the remote control.


Check this guide on how to control Slido with your smartphone.


Activate polls


You can activate polls during the presentation at any time and display them to your audience. Click Play icon to activate a poll and click stop to return back to your presentation.

Switch between Q&A and presentation


To switch between your presentation and Slido Q&A, click the presentation icon in the top right corner and select Switch to Audience Q&A. If you'd like to go back to your slides, click the icon again and choose Switch to Presentation.


This way you can also display Slido Q&A while a poll is activated.


See how to switch from showing presentation or polls to showing Slido Q&A:

Switcher on a mobile device


You can use a keyboard shortcut Ctrl + Alt + D for Windows or Ctrl + Option/Alt + D for Mac to switch from presentation to Slido


Set up Switcher in breakout rooms


Many midsize and large events have a robust AV setup in the plenary room. But once the event breaks into separate tracks, the breakout sessions tend to be equipped with just one computer. To make the experience smooth, you can install Switcher on the computer in the room and follow the guide above.


The important part is to make sure you select the correct Slido room in Switcher. If you’re using Switcher on a video call, please make sure to share your entire screen to show Slido.



Switcher troubleshooting

Having issues downloading or running Switcher on your computer? Check out this article.





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2 replies

I want to use the Slido Switcher with my phone as a remote control since I have a Mac. I can do the first event using my phone. When I want to switch and event, the remote doesn’t work. I have to go to the Slido Switcher on my Mac and switch the event and then I can use my phone as a remote. How is this helpful if I have to get out of my Presentation mode, click on Slido Switcher, change the event, then get back in Presentation mode then use my phone to start the event. It is not seamless, unless I missed something. 

Is there any advice?

I want to present an event in Presentation mode. After we discuss the answers, I want to switch back to the presentation which I have no problem. I want to swich my slide, discuss it, then go to my phone and switch to another event and activate that event with my phone without having to do anything on my computer. 


Hey @Ludwig,

Would you be able to send us an email to please?

We will need more information from you regarding this, to determine what seems to be the problem. This is not how it should work.

Looking forward to your email!