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  • 24 August 2020
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Hey @KatarinaZ,

No, exports are only available on our paid plans but you should be able to view and download Infographics.

Hope this helps! :)


Can I export questions from my event when using the free version of Slido? 

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Hey @nrevane22 ,

Currently Slido Exports are only available from within the event when you log in at slido.com. We do not have a current roadmap for integrating these exports to Control Hub or directly from the integration itself quite yet.


I hope this helps!

Hello - 

I have a question, how can these reports (if possible) be exported via WebEx? We use WebEx Webinars and have added this app to all our accounts, but we are in the midst of integrating our WebEx to HubSpot and would love to know how the data appears and if it could be downloaded from WebEx





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Hi @Avanrooy

There are currently no plans in our roadmap to add weighted grade scores to quizzes. However, I can see how that would be great for our teacher Slido users! 😊 I will pass this feedback on to the wider team. 

In the meantime, our Slido for education page has some use cases and other tips and tricks for you to maximize your Slido tools in a classroom setting.

Hope this helps! 

Is it on the roadmap to add more “testing” capabilities? Think of a classroom scenario - Teacher would like to upload a pre-created “test/quiz” for the students to answer amongst their selves. It would be helpful to have some reporting capabilities that make it easier to export and categorize data per student so that a weighted grade can be applied to each student (ie. if you get 8/10 right, it automatically gives you a “B” or an 80%).  

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Hi @Hamc1701

If you mean physically print out the answer choice, you should be able to do this by selecting the print option on the slide you’d like to print within Windows PowerPoint. 

If you’re trying to export your results, please follow this tutorial:

If you need immediate assistance, feel free to reach out to our fantastic customer care team by opening a chat from Slido admin or writing to support@slido.com. 

Hope this helps!

How can I print the answer choice in the powerpoint?

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Hi @eduardox,

In an exported sheet of a Multiple choice poll, the Total votes column shows how many people voted in the poll overall. The Count column shows how many votes each option in the poll received.

In the example below, 4 people voted in the poll overall and ‘Polar’ received 1 vote.

Hope this helps :)

When counting “votes” for a specific for a Multiple Choice/Multiple Answer poll,  Is the number of TOTAL VOTES the same as the number of people that voted?  or is it the number of total votes (answers) received? 


Hi @LindsayBell,

To track a specific month’s metrics, export poll results per user. Once you have the data downloaded, you will need to format cells as a table then filter the data in your table by clicking the sort button next to the column header. Sort by submission date relevant to the specific month you would like to pull the data from. 

Hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any further questions.

I have a similar question to @Bobby Love - I have the same poll duplicated month over month and each month I want to track that specific month’s metrics from the analytics tab. However, it pulls cumulative data even though the previous month poll has been deactivated. Is there a way to only track the active poll? I am afraid to delete the previous month poll and lose the results.

Thank you!


Hi @Bobby Love,

To keep tally of participants’ scores, you can either use a quiz poll or export the results. Our quiz poll keeps track of participants scores automatically and gives you a leaderboard at the end. You can then export your quiz results as an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Go to Analytics
  2. Click Export
  3. Select Download export
  4. Select Quiz leaderboards

Alternatively, you could run any polls and then export Poll results per user to see how each participant responded.

Does Slido keep tally’s of polls?  I am looking to use Slido for meeting ice breakers.  I’d like to keep a running tally of participants scores to award a prize to the individual who has the highest score after a series of polls.  Thanks.  

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Hi @CGutjahr81,

No, participants cannot export anything from Slido. Only those who have access to Slido admin (event owners, guests) can export from the event.

Hope this helps :)

is it also foreseen for a participant to export the complete Q&A section?

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Hi @philippstein,

You can see poll results live, but you can’t filter for individual responses live. When you activate a poll or a survey and open Present mode, you can see all participants’ answers as they come in live. To filter for individual responses, you need to export poll results per user after you’ve collected all responses. This will give you a spreadsheet with all the participants’ individual responses and you can filter the results there.

I can see how it would be useful to filter responses live, so I will submit this as a feature request. Thank you for sharing your use case :)

Let me know if you have any more questions.

Can I see the live results of multiple answers?
Example: I ask 2 questions like “how big is your company?” and “what industry is your company in?”.
In the LIVE meeting, I want to see and select one person in a big company of a specific industry.
Thus, can I see and filter the results live in a google sheet?