Export your poll results and Q&A questions

  • 24 August 2020
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Slido is gradually rolling out a new user interface. If the below steps and visuals match what you are seeing within your account, then you are using the new interface and this article is for you. If not, please see this version.


Once your slido is over and you wish to work with the data you’ve collected, you can download it straight to your desktop.


Available in all paid Slido plans


In this article:



Export Audience Q&A


Export the submitted questions from your slido into an Excel spreadsheet.

  1. Go to your Analytics tab
  2. Click Export and then choose the Download export option
  3. Select the Questions XLS option and then hit Save
Export your Q&A data


This will automatically generate an xls file with the questions from your Q&A, including timestamps, names (if provided), and the number of upvotes.


See below for an example of a Questions xls file.

An example of an Excel export file


If you’re using Multiple rooms, you’ll have an overall sheet with all submitted questions, plus separate sheets for each specific room.


Questions export explained

  • Question text - The complete text of every submitted question
  • Score - Each question is given a score depending on how many upvotes and/or downvotes it received (upvotes - downvotes = score)
  • Upvotes - The number of upvotes a question received
  • Labels - If a question was assigned a label, you’ll see that here
  • Downvotes - The number of downvotes a question received
  • Highlighted - See whether a question was ever highlighted (1 means yes and 0 means no)
  • Starred - See whether a question has been starred or not (1 means yes and 0 means no)
  • Status - See the status of each question at the time of the export
    • Rejected: The question wasn't approved
    • Live: The question was approved and is currently live
    • Answered: The question was approved and then marked as answered
    • Archived: The question was approved and then archived (not marked as answered)
    • Pending: The question is still under review (it hasn't been approved or rejected yet)
  • User ID - Every participant has their own randomly generated user ID assigned
  • User name - If someone has included a name with their question, you’ll see it here 
  • Room - If you’ve used Multiple rooms, this will tell you in which room the question was submitted
  • Sentiment - Based on Slido’s machine learning model, see if a question was Positive, Negative, or Neutral
  • Submission date - The date on which the question was posted
  • Submission time - The time when the question was posted

Please note that if your Q&A exceeds 1000 questions, your Analytics won’t load and you won’t be able to export questions yourself. This is to ensure optimal performance from Slido. 

Please contact support@slido.com or your dedicated account manager and they can assist you with the export.



Export poll results


Choose to export the overall Poll results from your slido or the more specific Poll results per user.

  1. Go to your Analytics tab
  2. Click Export and then choose the Download export option
  3. Select Poll results for general results, or Poll results per user for individualized results
Export your poll results


The general Poll results file (both xls and pdf format) will show the basic poll results. See the example files below.


Poll results export explained

  • Poll ID - Each poll has its unique randomly created ID
  • Poll type - The type of poll that was used (Open text, Word cloud, Ranking, Rating, Multiple choice, Quiz)
  • Poll question - The full text of your poll question
  • Poll option - The answer to the poll question in that row
  • Count - The total number of people who voted for that specific answer (if it is either an open text poll or a word cloud, the answer will be 1)
  • Total votes - The total number of votes received in that poll
  • Results - For multiple-choice polls, you can see the percentage of votes which each answer received. For rating polls, this will be the average score of submitted answers.
  • Survey name - If the poll was created under a survey, you can see what the name of that survey was
  • Room - If you’ve used Multiple rooms, this column tells you in which room the poll was asked
  • User ID - Every participant has their own randomly generated user ID assigned
  • User name - If someone has included a name with their submission, you’ll see it here 
  • Submission date - The date on which the poll answer was submitted 
  • Submission time - The time when the poll answer was submitted


The more specific Poll results per user xls file will show you how each participant responded to each poll question. See a small example below.


Poll results per user example export


Keep in mind that depending on your Participant privacy settings, your participants may still submit anonymous poll responses. In that case, the User ID will be completely random and the User Name will be “Anonymous”.


Note that if your slido exceeds 1000 poll responses, your Analytics won’t load and you won’t be able to export questions yourself. This is to ensure optimal performance from Slido. 

Please contact support@slido.com or your dedicated account manager and they can assist you with the export.



Export directly to Google Sheets


If you prefer to keep everything online, you can export straight to Google Sheets instead of downloading a pdf or xls file. Simply choose the Export to Google option. This will create a new spreadsheet under your Google account.


Export your Analytics directly to your Google account


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45 replies

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Hey @Martin Pelitz 

Could you email support@slido.com so we can check your account? Engage Plan allows for exporting of results so we’d like to be sure everything is applied correctly!


I have upgraded to Engage but i can´t use “Export” - Why?


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Hello @Mpota,

this is a nice idea but it is not possible to achieve this with Slido. You would have to manually evaluate these participants and send it to them in a different way.

Can I use slido to order participants who answered all the questions of a quiz in slido correctly to download a certificate?

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Hey @MoffattS ,

Could you check that you have the Polls and Questions features enabled in the Event Settings?

And could you share what XLS export you are attempting that is showing blank? Are all your XLS files exporting blank?

For further troubleshooting please reach out to support@slido.com

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Hello my export functionality is there, however when I download the xls files are blank? can anyone help. I think it might be an xls issue. All the answers are there in the dashboard. Appreciate it. 


Hey Giovanna,

You can export all questions and poll results for the whole event or per room. Select the format that works best for you, be it a comprehensive online infographic, Excel file, or pdf. Learn more about the exports in the Export your data article.

When it comes to PDF, it will be one file, but the analytics will be divided there per room.

Hope this helps!


is it possible to export analytics separately per room in a pdf file?




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Hey @Kris Syvertsen ,

You will need to go to the Analytics tab to export any data from the event, not the poll itself.

And then choosing Poll Results Per User. Both links will have steps and gifs showing you where and how to find these.

Let us know if you have any other questions!


I don’t see that option under quizzes, am I looking in the wrong place?


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Hey @Kris Syvertsen ,

When exporting Poll Results per User, this should also include each Participants response to each of your Quiz Questions.

Could you check that this is working for you?


Is it possible to export the quiz results, like the “Poll results per user”? I would like to be able to see and save the results of each user - to be able to identify areas where individuals had problems.


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Hey @Rouven Webcast Account,

That’s a good catch and I will feed this back.

At the moment, the only way to differentiate between the surveys would be to run them in two different events or to create a room for each survey.

Hope this helps!


Hi @Slido Team ,

When opening the Excel export “Poll results per user”, the columns show the question text only. 

If I use several surveys with the same question I’m not able to deifferciate these survey responses as the column has always the same name without naming the survey name.

The usecase is a Webex Webinar with several slots and I want to get a feedback after each slot. In my case with two ratings in a survey: “presentation quality” and “benefit for you”.

Can you expand the export with the survey name please?

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Hey @LClarke75,

You can see participants’ results when you export Poll results per user. In the Excel sheet, you’ll see how each participant voted in every poll within the survey.

Hope this helps :)

I see that you can only use the Quiz feature running live with one question at a time.  We would like to have a series of questions as a quiz that we will get results for after everyone has completed.  I created the quiz in your survey feature but how can I see what scores individuals have achieved (I have marked the correct answer against each individual multiple choice question) and one question is asking participant name?

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Hey @MarcoG

It sounds like you want to ask your audience a question and reveal the answer at the end of your presentation? 

Your options would be to manually add the data from the poll into a slide or to take a screenshot of the poll answer to go alongside your reality answer. Alternatively, you can export your poll results and add them to the slide. 

Let me know if there’s anything else I can help with!!

Hello there!
At the end of the ppt presentation, I would love to show a “perception vs. reality” summary of what my audience answered vs. what is the actual scenario. How can I display both data in a unique slide? 
Thank you so much for your support

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Hey @aprilm,

Great questions!

You can see the names of participants instantly in open text polls (if you enable it) and in the Q&A. For other polls, you can only see participants’ names when you export the results.

The Analytics tab in your admin updates automatically and you can export results at any point during or after the event. As I mention above as well, results will also show up in your admin straightaway after you activate a poll and participants vote in it.

Hope this helps! :)

Thank you @Meggie from Slido for offering the suggestion! I was able to print several questions at a time that way, but had trouble getting all questions. Someone mentioned ‘resetting’ the quiz so it can be used a second time, so I think my best option is to take the quiz, export the information, then reset the quiz for the ‘real’ event. Thank you!


Things I’m trying to understand are:

How can we see the names of the voters in the poll option?

Can i see the voter names while the poll is still live so I can see who’s yet to vote?

How can we see the analytics while the event is still live? It sends an email report the next day but that’s too late. The event is 4 hours long. We need to see the results as soon as the 4-hour period ends. 

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Hi @aprilm,

No need to worry, you won’t have to wait until the event is over to see results. As soon as you activate a poll and participants submit answers, you will see them in your admin and present mode (if you’re showing the results).

We have a detailed explanation of how event dates work here:


Hope this helps! :)


My event is a one day event but it doesn’t mean it’ll go on for 24 hours. It’s a 4-hour event. The shortest event duration I can set up in Slido is one whole day. I don’t want to wait until midnight to see the poll results. I want to be able to see them as soon as the event ends after 4 hours and share it with the participants. How can I end the event early, and access the analytics without waiting for the next day?

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Hey @Goldie46,

At the moment, you cannot export your quiz questions and answers prior to using the quiz at your event, however there is a workaround:

  1. Go to the quiz poll
  2. Click on the 3 dots next to it
  3. select ‘Edit’
  4. Right-click (on Windows) or control+click (on Mac)
  5. Select Print

Hope this helps! :) I will pass it on as a feature request.

I would like to print or export my Quiz (both question and answers) prior to using the quiz at my event. Is there a way to do that?