🎉 Discussion of the month: How to run engaging end-of-year meetings?

  • 29 November 2021
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Hi everyone,

November is almost over, so it’s time to introduce a new discussion of the month! 

Thank you so much for your contribution last month - loved reading all your favorite All-hands meeting moments. 

If you’d still like to share your best tips for running All-hands meetings, feel free to add them to this discussion!



Can’t believe that 2021 is almost over and it’s the time of the year for celebrating the wins and looking back at what the year has brought us!


This month’s topic is all about running engaging End-of-year meetings ✨


👉We’ve published a great article with 7 great tips on how to make these meetings feel more special. May it be looking back at the business numbers or less serious Holiday parties - we’ve got you covered!


If you’re looking for more engagement at your business meetings, we’d recommend trying to review your key metrics through a quiz, collecting your teams’ highlights with an open poll and celebrating your teams through a silent hero Word cloud poll.


Slido is also great to use at your end-of-year Holiday parties, especially in an online environment! We’ve seen many of our clients running fun Holiday quizzes, feel-good Thank you sessions to recognize their colleagues’ hard work or even a get-to-know quizzes with newer colleagues.  


But, as always, we’d love to hear from YOU! 


What are your plans for this year? 

Let us know 👇


3 replies

Hey community!

Thanks, Alex for sharing the blog post. 

Other than quizzes, we run a special poll where during the month of December, all employees can vote for a charity that our company will give money to for Christmas. It’s a good alternative to Secret Santa!

Hey everyone!

Every year there’s that one moment where during the xmas party everyone wants to put their song on. Utter chaos.

We use Slido ideas so people can post and vote on the song the like and the dj (usually a Spotify fluent colleague in charge of this great responsibility) adjusts the playlist.

Works like a charm.

Since we’ve been using quizzes for our company stats, we’ve notice the dynamics of the meetings have changed. That element of competition helps to get everyone involve and go through all the points in a non conventional way, instead of just reading out numbers hardly anyone is listening to.. definitely also helped me as a presenter to feel more confident and bring a laid back atmosphere im not really good at creating on my own.