💡 Discussion of the month: What is your favorite poll question?

  • 18 June 2021
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Hi everyone, 

We’re on the lookout for new poll templates to add to our poll gallery and we need your help to crowdsource them and choose the best! 🏆


👇 In the comments below - share your favourite polls that you use at your team meetings, brainstormings, all-hands and beyond. 

Oh, and don’t forget to like the others’ comments - polls with most likes will be added to Slido as poll templates later this summer! 🤞

3 replies

I like starting with “where are you from?” too, especially during webinars or external events where the attendees don’t know each other.

For internal meetings, I like a word cloud question “In one word, how was your week?” it’s great to get a sense of how the team is doing and it could set the tone for the meeting.


I like to start workshops with the suggested “where are you from?” word cloud, to get people into using the tool… but I would love a poll option that is open text but allows others to ‘up-vote’ things others have put in - kind of like the Q and A function but with a specific guided question.

I like to start my trainings with questions about the attendees’ expectations: 

What are your expectations for this training? or What would you like to get out of this training?