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  • 10 November 2021
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We would like to use Slido as part of a workshop.  We plan to run 2 parts:

  1. Question that small groups (break out rooms) brainstorm their ideas/ expertise on 
  2. We would like to then take this completed activity back to the larger group and have them vote on the answers.  

Is this possible?  

I have found I can ask a question and have people contribute responses (under Ideas) which can then rank the answers.  However I noticed that if the same answer is typed multiple times they do not accumulate but appear as separate answers.  (ie green, green, red, green).  I just wondered if I had missed something/ a step.  


1 reply

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Hi @Lorissa,

Great use-case! True, there isn’t a way to filter out ideas that are duplicated. :( 

However, we actually do something similar during our team meetings. Let me share what works for us. 

When we divide into small groups, each group is assigned a room within Slido. We then come back to the main room and debrief each groups ideas. After which you can: 

  • Ask each group to submit their top 2-3 ideas to the main room, while commenting on the submitted entries so they don’t duplicate. 
  • Run a poll. This would have to be done during the meeting. The host or even better, co-host who is added as a collaborator to the event creates a quick multiple choice poll of the most popular ideas from each group. Once done, everyone can collectively vote on the best ones. 

Alternatively, what also works really well is to have everything within the main room and have each group submit their ideas directly there and upvote the ones they like. 

Would either of these options work for you? Let me know if you have any additional questions. Happy to discuss further.