About user privacy and how to give rewards

  • 8 November 2023
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Our company is planning to use Slido for user events and gift rewards.

I understand that we can set up user actual names and emails by upgrading our license. However, I have a question: What if a user enters their name and email randomly? Is there any way to prevent the audience from using fake names and emails?

If we can't ensure the accuracy of the provided names and emails, won't it be challenging to identify and reward the actual audience? Even if we implement a verification process for names and emails, we may still face difficulties in reaching out to the real audience.

Please let us know if you have any solutions. Thank you.

1 reply

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Hello @Hazellee,

In case it is important to identify every user I would recommend protecting your event with SSO for participants. That way they would be verified through their internal company process. This works for clients who expect all of the participants to be from the same company. 

Here is how you can set it up: 

Also it is important to know that this option is part of our Premium one-time or Enterprise annual plans