Can I import a list of emails to restrict access to my event?

  • 25 May 2022
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Is there a solution to import automatically several email address to restrict who can access the event ?


Thank you

3 replies

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Following our guide below, you can use emails to restrict access to your event, but at the moment, you can only add email addresses one by one, manually. 

However, if you reach out to our customer care team at with the list of email addresses, they might be able to import several at the same time.


Hope this helps! :)

Just wondering if this capability has been added to import a list of email addresses?

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Hey @PSG ,

Bulk uploading of emails for restricted access is something our Support team can assist you with, if you could reach out to with the list of emails and event you’d need them added to.

Let us know if theres anything else we could help you with!