Can I receive an email notification when a participant completes my survey?

  • 27 March 2022
  • 4 replies

I have set up a survey for only Participants with a specified email address. Is it possible to receive an automatic email from Slido that lets me know that the specified Participant has completed my survey?  This would same me time check that they have complete the survey.

4 replies

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Would like to give a bump/vote for this feature request. Having a notification and/or submitted survey sent to an email account(s) would be a great enhancement: thinking anonymous feedback submission to leadership. Thank you.

Hi, any updates to set up notifications for when participants complete surveys?

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Hey @gushah ,

This is not a feature we are working on or on our current roadmap. You can see how many people have voted in your survey and export those results as Meggie had suggested above.

This will be flagged as a feature request but there is no promise it will be implemented.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


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Hi @Boardroom,

There is no way to set up notifications for when participants complete surveys, but you can always check this in Slido admin. When you export your analytics, you can see who completed your survey under Joined Participants as well as Poll results per user

At the moment, setting up notifications isn’t possible but when you log into your admin, you can see the number of votes just below the poll name. You can also check which participants completed the survey by exporting the results. When you export the results, you can see the joined participants’ emails as well as their answers.

Hope this helps :) We get requests for notifications fairly often and I am passing this on.