Can Slido do simple information slides? I want to avoid having to use a slide integration

  • 27 October 2023
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I need to present some simple information - pictures and text - around about the interactive slido elements of my workshop.


Can Slido do this?


I would like to NOT integrate with Google Slides as that solution obviously requires other team members who want to facilitate an instance of the workshop to have to install the google/slido integration, the chrome integration, and of course have a google account (which won’t work in some of my clients!)


Can you help me? 


It’s just occurred to me that they will either have google or MS office so maybe one plan b/alternative is to build google and powerpoint slide versions of my workshop and offer that to people.

1 reply

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Hey @russell murray ,

Slido doesnt have the Slide capabilities you’re looking for at this time.

Rather than integrating Slido directly to a presentation deck, we do have an alternative called Switcher which allows you to switch between the Presentation and your Slido Polls using your phone as a remote control.

Your submission will be logged as a feature request for future consideration for our product.

Let us know if you have any other questions!