Can we run concurrent events with the annual account?

  • 3 March 2021
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I would like to organise several events in parallell (for example 10) with a limit of less than 5000 participants in each event.

if i choose annual / Enterprise pricing it says i can handle as any events as i want, up to 5000 participants each.

Do the events can happen at same time, or they must be separated in time?

What imply the users limit in the plan? can i reuse a same account to organise several events in same time, or do i need a separated account for each event?




1 reply

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Hi @spaturel,

With our annual Enterprise plan, you can run an unlimited number of events and they can be running at the same time. The limit of 5000 participants per event is in place to ensure an optimal performance. If you wish to have an event with more than 5000 participants, please let us know by emailing to see if it’s possible. 


The Enterprise plan comes with 3 users, this means that each of these users can create and run unlimited number of events, and even multiple events at the same time.

Depending on just how many you’d like to run, you can always add collaborators to each of your events - they won’t have full access to all the event settings but will be able to moderate Slido and activate polls, for example. 

You can find more info about team management under a license, including the differences between users and collaborators here.


We’d also love to learn more about your use case - running multiple events at the same time. Maybe we can give you some recommendations on how to run everything as smooth as possible?

Let us know if you need any more help!