consolidating powerpoint presentations with slidos in each

  • 23 November 2023
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i am running team day but using a master slide deck. different people are compiling different agenda sections and then sending back to me to consolidate into the main one. however when doing this their slidos dont then work when in presentation mode? the only way i can see is if you switch session, but doing this brings up a warning saying ‘All polling slides you created will be removed from this presentation’ so fear i add one in but delete the rest. is there a way to keep in one presentation multiple created slidos? i have a paid account so can have unlimited polls. thanks 

1 reply


Hey @Paul Sullivan,

In this case, you need to invite all the different people working on the deck to a Slido event as well, so they would become guests on your event, collaborators. So there will be only one Slido event connected to the presentation.

That way it will work, all the polls just need to be coming from that same event.

Hope this helps!