Feature Request: Moderator/Presenter Board

  • 24 November 2023
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I was wondering if I could input a feature request. A big fan of Slido myself, I only see one real flaw in the current process, and that’s the lack of a Presenter Board. The issue I have is that a lot of the times we have a team of people in the Moderation menu selecting the questions to be sent to the presenter to ask and there is not real way to send them over to the Q&A Moderator on stage without using external means. Right now we’re using live word doc, but it’s a bit cumbersome and not very fluid. Vevox has a function called “Approve for Presenter” so that the questions that are approved by the team get sent to the presenter view and are visible on presenter link only, but not to the rest of the attendees. This is really useful because it allows for more seamless communication between back of house team and presenters on stage. Presenters just get one simple link and they only see approved questions in a clean and simple way that makes it easy for them as well. And this still maintains question moderation and privacy. Would this be a feature Slido would be considering at any point in the future?




Founder, UMECast

1 reply

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Hey @Egle_UMECast ,

Thanks for your detailed feature request!

We don’t currently have something like this on our roadmap but we will submit it to the team for consideration.

If there is any other questions or suggestions please let us know.