Has anyone ever used slido on an Amazon Kindle?

  • 7 August 2023
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We are considering gifting our attendees with Kindles that will allow them to access our event app website which will also have a link to our slido polls and Q&A.  I know Kindles are limited but they should be able to access websites excluding the ones that use Flash or Shockwave effects. 

Does anyone know if Slido would be exclude and inaccessible on Kindle? 

I plan to figure out a way to test before we make the purchase but thought I would ask the community in the meantime.

Thanks in advance!

1 reply

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Hey @Nicole_P ,

Thanks for your question, and really cool idea!

I havent seen this personally about using Slido on a Kindle but as long as the Kindle has access to Internet and the browser there shouldnt be any issues using it this way for your participants to respond.

I definitely suggest testing this though, I think some kindles only have the books option, others (like the kindle fire which i had) have internet browsing access.

Let us know if you have any other questions, and if you test this and it works it would be great to know for future Slido users to see :)