How can I hide the event code from Present view?

  • 5 January 2021
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How can you make it so when you are in presenter mode the code for the room is not displayed on the screen. We have a situation where we only want certain people to vote but want everyone to see the questions and voting happening. In presenter mode the QR code and the room number are on the left hand side. 

3 replies

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Hi @jen at SPPC,

If you wish to remove the event code from the Present mode, please contact our Customer Support at with the event code where you wish to apply this change. They might be able to help with that. 

If you wish to disable the QR code, this can be done under Event settings → Customization → toggle off Join event via QR code.

That said, based on your message, I just wanted to say that Slido might not be an ideal solution for your use-case because once someone joins an event, they’re able to interact with it the same way as everyone else. I understand that you want to limit the people who’re able to join the event in the first place - perhaps one other solution would be protecting the event with a passcode and sharing it only with a certain group of people (or creating a separate event for them). 


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Thanks for the reply Adam. 

We ended up using the presenter view and some features of our video switcher to reframe the screen. Or in the meeting the Chair just announced the results.

It was an AGM via zoom webinar where there were a number of Attendees who were just viewing and then some that were voting members. 

We actually made slido work for us. 

We did roughly what you suggested where the registered voters were directly emailed the code and then we just made sure to never say the code in the meeting. 


Can’t wait to see what the zoom integration brings.

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Jen, that’s great to know!


I’m happy to hear that your meeting was a successful one and thanks a lot for sharing some further details so that others can get inspired as well. :)