How do you run a quiz so that people can go through questions at their own pace?

  • 23 October 2020
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Dear Slido Developers,

I have created some quizzes with Slido and would like to share them via a link. However, I do not have this possibility, when I click on the three dots for the settings. How can I share my quiz with the students? 

If I am not mistaken, last week I was able to do so, when I was playing with my first quiz.

Many thanks in advance!


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40 replies

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Hi @AlexanderJMorrissey

Thanks so much for your feedback here, I will certainly add you to the list of customers requesting this feature and pass it on to the wider team for consideration. 

We wouldn’t be able to advise a timescale or whether this is a feature that will be adopted soon. Whilst we do care about our customers concerns and experience with Slido, there are some other features that have taken priority with our developers. 

Our quizzes are currently designed to be presented live during an event in Slido. The best asynchronous workaround we currently have is running a survey. You can even create a  permanent link to your survey with the option to  merge your polls in a survey for your participants to answer in their own time. 

If you’d like to tell us more about your use case so we can enable you to use Slido in the best way for your company, you can contact us via our live chat through Slido admin, or by emailing, We’ll be happy to help you out! 



Is there a way to set a time limit to the survey questions? We’re trying to launch an asynchronous quiz with a time limit to the questions to prevent the participants from googling and finding out the answers. 
Would love any thoughts or ideas to carry this out. 

Thank You! 

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Hi @Jefferson_Twelve

Setting a time limit on asynchronous features is not part of Slido’s design. You can only run a quiz, which is currently only designed to go live. Surveys are more likely used for participants to answer in their own time, which is why we haven’t got any time limitations. 

I will pass this on as feedback to the wider team though! 

let me know if you have any more questions!


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Would like to also submit request/vote for asynchronous quiz function in Slido. The main benefit would be instant grading of the quiz without a moderator being involved. An example would be a scavenger hunt activity ala The Amazing Race where the players would access the asynchronous quiz on their cells and know right away if they passed in order to move to the next station.

Hi, we planned a session with Slido quiz but unfortunately ran out of time. 

Is there any possibility to run the Quiz remote? So people can login whenever they have time and make the quiz on their own? 

I cannot transform the quiz into a regular poll as we need the leaderboard including correct answers as well as the needed time.


Thank you a lot, Julia 

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Hi @Julia_Dietz 

We don’t have asynchronous quizzes as a feature right now but I can see how this could be useful and will pass on your feedback to the product team. 

 In the meantime, our workaround would be to create a poll or group polls into a survey, which you can then share a direct link to. 

Let me know if this helps, or you have anymore questions. 


I completely agree with the above requests.  This would be such a good tool for audience engagement during event breaks and treasure hunt activities, I’m really disappointed the functionality doesn’t exist in already.  Please develop it soon - you will make a lot of people happy! 😊

Same here - please make asynchronous quizzes available in Slido. I am now sourcing other apps/sites that can do this but would prefer to keeo using Slido if I could.  The survey workaround does not work for me. 

@Cori from slido, one more vote to add asynchronous polling so I can link or embed from my LMS. Thank you from a Pro customer!

I need a quiz that is not live, where people can do at their own time.


Hi everyone!

We are very sorry that we cannot provide you with any updates at the moment. Our developers are currently involved in several big projects that are taking precedent over other requests. Unfortunately for the asynchronous quiz, this will not change anytime soon. We are very sorry for the inconvenience and will of course update you as soon as we have any news on this front. 


I wanted to touch base on the current status this, particularly in light of the challenges we face in convening over 150 senior level executives simultaneously for participation.

In my professional experience, orchestrating such a gathering is an intricate task, bordering impossible. Considering this, the implementation of asynchronous quizzing would be a more efficient alternative. The growing demand for this feature, as evident from numerous user requests, underscores its significance.

Could you provide insights into the roadmap for the development of asynchronous quizzing? Additionally, any estimated timeline for its availability would greatly assist in our planning efforts.

Thank you in advance.

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Hey @Angelia ,

Thank you for your feedback and additional details for this request.

We don’t currently have this on our roadmap or have an estimate of when it would be considered at this point. There are many large projects taking precedence over this feature as well as being part of Cisco’s Webex Meetings. 

The current workaround would be to create a Survey as this is asynchronous and allows your participants to submit their responses on their own time.

We will continue to submit these requests to our team so they understand the demand and need for this feature as well so that in the future we can consider implementing it into our product.

Let us know if you have any other questions.


Anyone have a suggestion or found a platform that can support this? I love Slido and it works great in almost all circumstances. But I too need a self paced, but scored quiz that I can share with a group and leave open for an hour to let people play on their own time, but still declare a 1st, 2nd, 3rd place winner. Any other places to do this. Again, 100% happy with Slido, but I REALLY need this for a large upcoming event that is also using Slido for all sessions.

And another vote for the non-live quiz functionality.

I really want to send participants a self-test quiz prior to the event and one that gives them answers after they’ve finished the quiz… but alas, Slido can’t do this :-(