Is it possible to view individual responses during live poll?

  • 21 June 2021
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Is there an account which would allow me to view the individual responses to a poll as they come in (live)? Or is the only way to see responses to export them once the poll is finished? (and if so, which accounts allow this?)




5 replies

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Hey @chloerb,

When using the word cloud or the open text poll, you can see individual responses as they come in live in your Slido admin. However, you will not see who posted them. To see all individual responses as well as who posted them, you will need to export “Poll results per user” in the Analytics tab. Here is a tutorial for exporting your results.

This is available in all paid plans.

I hope this helps :) Let me know if you have any further questions!

Hi @chloerb,

I have read your response above but where do I access my Slido admin please? I can’t work out where this is. Please could you help as nothing says “admin” that I can see. Thanks.

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Hi, @Cobby

The Admin mode is simply what you see when you log in to your Slido account. It’s usually the place where you create, activate and deactivate polls and quizzes or manage questions from the audience. You’re right, it might be confusing if we mention the word “Admin”, but you can’t see it anywhere. 

Let me share an article with you that might help you understand the different modes of Slido. Basically, you can set up everything in Admin mode, then test attendees’ experience in Participant mode and then preview everything in Present mode and show it to your participants. Both Participant mode and Present mode are accessible from your Admin mode. 

Here’s an example: 

Hope that makes it clearer! Feel free to ask if you have any outstanding questions. Also, our Knowledge Base articles can be of a great help if needed. 

All my best, 


Just wondering how can you select and present any question from a quiz in Admin mode ?

For exemple you could want to skip some questions or review one question.

Thanks for caring.


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Hello Claude, 

When you activate the quiz. It is possible to see little arrows next to each quiz question in Slido admin. Once you hit that arrow it will let you show only a specific quiz question. But it is important to start the quiz and the first question would be shown to the participants. 

However we may no longer support this feature in the future.