Multiple survey responses from particpants

  • 14 September 2023
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Can a survey participant respond to a poll multiple times, using a different name each time?

I’d like to run a poll with a group of participants who each represent about 5 different businesses, so want them to respond five times each, recognising a different name for against response.

1 reply

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This sounds like an interesting use case!

You absolutely can. Our Open text and Word cloud Polls allow for multiple responses from participants, this just needs to be toggled on in the poll settings in the top right. 

I’m not sure what you mean by ‘different name for against response’?
- If you mean login under a different name to participate in the poll, this would require a lot of different logins from devices/browsers per person. As a workaround, I would suggest asking the participants to add the name of the business to their response in an Open text, so you can identify it this way.

You can also set your event to require names of participants

Hope this helps!