Position of "Ask" button in embed

  • 22 April 2021
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Hi. So it was recently mentioned to me that during our webcast events the “Ask” button is not easily found for some people. On my screen, which I see as an Admin, it is always hovering in the Q&A area even with the bottom of the video player, which is great. Apparently for some users though, the “Ask” button is at the very bottom of the Q&A area which for some reason is extended and very very long so a lot of scrolling is involved to find it which means that many users don’t see it at all and can’t ask any questions. I’m inserting a screenshot of the issue. I can’t see a way to fix this in the Admin. We have a built in slido embed, so I’m just copying the link from the Admin setup and putting it in the slido embed. Is this something to do with the built in embed code, or is it something I can fix on my end? Thanks for any help!


1 reply

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Hi @slaffey,

Your participants are correct - this definitely doesn’t look right! 

To make the troubleshooting easier, could you please email more information about this to our Customer Care team at, they can get this fixed for you much quicker than through the forum here.

They’ll need to know where exactly you’re embedding Slido, is it a website, an event app or a streaming service? 

Thank you!