Preventing off-site participation

  • 11 March 2023
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We’re interested in using the poll tool for audience voting at a live event. We don’t want to enable SSO as it will make the voting mechanism more cumbersome and we think our audience will be less likely to use it. That said, we have concerns that people on-site will send an image of the QC code poll to people off-site to vote, to help stack the voting in their favor. Is there a way to curb this behavior?

Is there a way to see where participants are voting from in the poll results? 


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Hello @qcontinueumm,

The only way of achieving this outside of SSO is restricted access. This means you can type in exact e-mail addresses of people who are allowed to join the event. 

Slido would verify if they are really owners of their e-mail by sending a Pin code. 
You could still keep your participants anonymous but people who are outside of the invited group would not be able to join. 

However this option to upload more e-mails is also limited so in case you would like to explore it please approach our and they can provide you more details.

Other than that we do not provide the option to track devices according to location.