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  • 22 February 2024
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Since I will be hosting a live event and showing the answers on screen as they come up, is it possible for the participants to only see their response on their individual devices and see the collective response on the the screen share? For some reason I’m able to see everyone’s response and it makes the screen share redundant. 

1 reply

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Hello @Naomi10201 

this is currently how Slido has been designed. The responses can be seen both on individual devices as well as on the main screen. However when using a quiz or multiple-choice poll with a correct answer - participants can see if they voted for the correct option or not on their device while seeing the rest of the results on the big screen. 

It is also possible to use some of our integrations such as Webex, Teams or Zoom integration:

That could help your participants to keep the focus in the meeting and not on their devices. If you would need any help you can also approach our customer care team via or chat which can be found on our website.