Slido not advancing / showing when sharing file on Webex

  • 6 December 2023
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Hello everyone,

I encountered some issues in a recent all-hands meeting. I created a multiple-choice poll on the Slido website and incorporated the slide into the PowerPoint file using the Slido plug-in. However, during the presentation, the main Slido slide displaying the question appeared initially, but upon advancing, it jumped to the next slide and not the one where it shows the live results, QR code / login details, etc. I suspect this might be related to the fact that I am not sharing my screen but rather uploading the PPT file. Can anyone provide insights into why this might be happening and if this is a workaround? 


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Hey @airiarte ,

Slido does not work when you have it integrated into a Powerpoint File, as you need to login to the sidebar to have the polls activate. 

In this case, I would suggest not upload the file to Webex, but add the Slido event to your Webex call, share your screen with Powerpoint in Present mode and be sure you are logged into the sidebar in Powerpoint. 

When you advance through your presentation, it will activate the Polls in the Webex Sidebar for your participants to respond directly through that integration.

We also created a helpful article for using Slido in Webex with Powerpoint.

Let us know if this helps or if you have any other questions.