survey completion after an event

  • 8 February 2024
  • 1 reply

I had problems with wifi at an event today and could not complete the survey.  Can i share the survey with the attendees after the event?  I have tried and they are telling me it only allows them to answer one question.  They do not get the full survey.  I have paid for a full licence.  Can you help?  What am i doing wrong?

1 reply

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Hey @KarenFullerton ,

Do you have Multiple Polls in your Slido or did you create a Survey?

If you send the link to the event, the Survey needs to be active for them to see all the polls within that specific Survey.

You can also share the direct link to each individual poll if you would need them to respond to mulitple polls at a time but they will all be on separate links to send to them.

Let us know if this helps.